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Nov 10 2020 at 05:56
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Marksteve posted:
It is a good strategy if everyone is willing to help out and share some of their game plan or strategy. This will help in learning and growth of traders.

Correct! Discussion always helps.

Nov 10 2020 at 06:37
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hello newbie , most welcome to myFxbok , i hope you will enjoy the environment , just focus on beginners section. happy learning. its a very good forum for beginners level. good luck

Nov 10 2020 at 07:30
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Nov 18 2020 at 06:11
38 mensajes
It is good that traders are actively involved in reaching out to the new ones. Forex can be confusing at first.

Nov 19 2020 at 01:20
226 mensajes
Positive mindsets are very important in trading. Money management, risk rewards, trading plans, etc., if not managed properly, it is very difficult to survive in trading.

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