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Making 15 to 20% profit every month !!!

Apr 18 at 09:11
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EbonyJones posted:
I think it is quite difficult to ensure fixed profit margin in every month. You need a solid plan and profitable strategy to make consistent profit.

Yes. A good strategy and a good plan can ensure your profit margin.

Apr 19 at 06:31
posts 29
Correctly developed and tested strategy always gives a good result.

Apr 19 at 09:47
posts 951
 i dont believe any percentage, i just believe all about the consistency which is the main core to success at any section even trading place. 

wois25 (wois25)
Apr 20 at 07:56
posts 14
15% to 20% is very good per month, but real? I tested many indicators and robots in my demo account and only losses, with real if I have good month can gain 2-3%, but not every month:(

May 06 at 07:56
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Adribaasmet posted:
 i dont believe any percentage, i just believe all about the consistency which is the main core to success at any section even trading place. 

I also think the same.

Sep 07 at 15:04
posts 658
It is a realistic return in my opinion. Many dreams lots more than that.

Sep 08 at 12:59
posts 283
such percentages still cannot always be obtained, and it is not a fact that the author wrote the truth)

Sep 08 at 15:01
posts 640
It is a good return in trading. But it takes time. For me, it took almost 2 years.

Oct 05 at 16:12
posts 639
It's a huge return when it comes to forex trading. Just do the compounding and see how big it is. Big companies happy with yearly 10 to 15% profit.

Reece Rispoli (reece22)
Oct 13 at 19:50
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ZenoTyrell posted:
Hi every one !

Frankly saying , I'm not a trader at all.
But one of my friend has been in this trading business for just around 6 months and
he's telling me that his boss is making 15 to 20% profit every month.

He's also asking me to invest in his team.
And he's also giving a guarantee not to lose any of my money and have a 15 to 20% profit or stable income.
He said his boss can make it even more , but he's just saying as a safe zone about this.

For me, everything he said is 'Too Good Too Be True' and even though I still can't believe it,
I want to make sure by hearing from all of you on this claim.

Is that possible ?
And if that's possible, is there anyone or anyway that can prove this could be done by some kinds of evidence.

Cos this is my friend , I don't wanna hurt him in any way but
I want to prove his boss is hiding something from him or just simply lying.
Can anyone please help me about this?
Is that possible to make Making 15 to 20% profit every month by forex trading ?

What's the average profit of a professional trader can make every month ?

( one of my friends recommended me to come here and asked about it , I hope any of you can help me )

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