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Algotrader Expert Advisor Beta testing v.5.2 (By algotraderea )

El usuario ha borrado este sistema.


Jun 05 2016 at 14:11
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fxbook89 posted:
What is the difference between algorader and algo innovative which is available at ?

The difference is that one of them works well only on demo and the other one works on both demo and real...

Jun 07 2016 at 07:09
37 mensajes
Thanks but what broker is that? You were testing demo with IC Markets and then suddenly showing real account from an unknown broker. Besides, the DD now is more than 31%. Anyway, congrats for the courage.

Jun 07 2016 at 08:47
494 mensajes
There must be a reason for him to use an unknown broker and probably a market maker . Alarming !

After being scammed many times, I have already developed a good sense for fake EAs, forex systems

Ask yourself this question : If this guy makes thousands of % return on demo accounts, why can't he even make the same result

He contacted myfxbook admin to remove me from this thread , but as a non commercial member ( I have nothing to sell or offer here) I think i have every right to confront this spammer like many of you have already done. Time after time , he is always avoiding the questions and keeps TRYING TO SELL this EA AT RIDICULOUS PRICE WITHOUT ANY SOLID PROOF THAT HIS EA WORKS!

There will always some good opportunities , just don't give up
Jun 07 2016 at 08:52
64 mensajes
Better try all EA's at low price from , and if really worth it, go for the original version. This way scammers have no choice.

aeronthomas (aeronthomas)
Jun 07 2016 at 09:43
1557 mensajes
would be good to see working on a true ECN broker like IC Markets or Pepperstone, I wouldn't trust it otherwise.

aeronthomas (aeronthomas)
Jun 07 2016 at 11:53
1557 mensajes
Definitely do your research on brokers. I would never touch a cyprus broker, only ones with ASIC, FCA or NFA regulation. Read more about why you should never touch a cyprus broker here,1#?pt=2&p=3&ts=30&o=1123436 Their regulator isn't upto scratch if the broker stops withdrawals don't expect any help from them. Good luck.

Jun 08 2016 at 00:29
494 mensajes
It is you who have been spamming this forum with your non sense EA in hope of fooling innocent people.If myfxbook staff just spend sometime looking into your system and your evasive posts, they would remove this thread and set it to private so that you have all the freedoom to test run your EA until you can prove that it works on real trading on well known brokers.Yet, that is their call.WHY ARE WE NOT Chasing after other vendors but you?

Go ahead and block me from your thread cos there will be other members after you and I hope other members will read my comments as a warning to their buying temptation


There will always some good opportunities , just don't give up
ZKFXtrader (ZKFXtrader)
Jun 10 2016 at 20:32
238 mensajes
No update for your Live account since June 8? Why don't you update live account same as you do for Demo?

Succeed in Forex trading
Jun 11 2016 at 05:17
494 mensajes
Just use your common sense!If this vendor could make half of what his demo in live trading, he would be richer than Bill Gates, Warren Buffet..Do you really think such a wealthy person would patiently flood this forum day in day out hoping one of us will spend a few thousand dollars to buy a Ony Work in Demo EA? Nah, that doesn't make any sense to me.

There will always some good opportunities , just don't give up
Jun 11 2016 at 11:38
4 mensajes
why all hidden?... any live account instead of demo?

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