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Forex Diamond EA GBPUSD (de forexdiamond )

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Discusión Forex Diamond EA GBPUSD

Mar 11 2016 at 15:20
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Mar 14 2016 at 06:31
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braddock posted:
is this a tradecopier or real ea?

Forex Diamond EA is not a trade copier. But it reads regularly some important data from our server. This is done with the idea to make it more secure and to protect its trading logic from pirates.

Mar 14 2016 at 06:37
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More about Forex Diamond EA trading logic and performance you can find in our official website:

Mar 14 2016 at 07:28
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Forex Diamond and Velocity are both NO good they get killed on volatility. You keep turning off monitoring accounts on myfxbook,com whenever you take a hit and put up a new one.

This strategy rules of entry are incredibly randomized and has no set rules it buys the high ors sells the low and stops out in most cases

Mar 14 2016 at 12:54
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Dear Irishmist,

Thank you for you comment but we are not agree with you. We have no idea what type of robot is 'Velocity'.
As you can see Forex Diamond EA has very strong results on GBPUSD currency pairs. Forex Diamond EA has very advanced trading logic. Also it is equipped with advanced exit system to protect the account profits.
Of course everyone is free to make comments. We are open to new comments and ideas.

Jun 30 2016 at 06:35
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Forex Diamond uses 3 types of trades
Do you have any statistics to analyse data by trade type

FerchoFX (fer_LF)
Jun 30 2016 at 12:29
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Developers have to appear and explain the very bad performance to the costumers that have trusted in them and his product, it is not honest be quiet.

Unicorn Madness (ClearWater)
Jan 05 2017 at 15:52
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These guys turn myfxbook on and off when bad things happen.

As you can see they do not have any long term double verified live account either. When their account blows up they put up a new live account or most of the time a Demo account.

The EA's have very small profit targets, many times only 3-4 pips. On Demo there is no slippage but in reality on live account there will be 1-2 pip slippage + spread + commission. So the thousands of trades on their Demo account that made good money are ALL actually trades that will lose in reality on a live account. By using Demo accounts these guys are creating results that look at least 100 times better than live account results.

And if the fresh live account of them blows they just set up another one....

People should be aware of these types of EA sellers. They have zero trading skills and zero honor. They are like money sharks.

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