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Miembro desde Mar 08, 2010  15 mensajes carlscott1982 Apr 01 2010 at 21:05
I thought I could beat this thing, but I've finally realised I can't.
Highrider just keeps losing for could pretty much open its positions anywhere and be able to get 12 pips with a 210 pip SL, but somehow it still manages to only open positions when the trend turns arounds completely for the next few days.

Just applied for refund, with a 30 day accouont statement.


Miembro desde Feb 25, 2010  95 mensajes Clearpaper Apr 01 2010 at 21:38
I hear you. To screw up with that RRR, the entry logic really needs some work.

The 2010.03.26 or 2010.03.25(depending on your GMT offset) SL hitting trades really killed off all the gains and then some. And this was the same with both HiRider and HiRider Advanced. Sigh... Beginning to appear that it's earlier success was due more to luck and it's RRR.


Miembro desde Feb 20, 2010  50 mensajes Hendra Lau (eafinder) Apr 02 2010 at 00:02
I closed the HiRider trades earlier manually with much lower loss on 3/26 or 3/25. I traded live, and so far has managed to just lose very little with some manual intervention.

If anyone is fine with a suicidal risk reward of 1:20, they can easily make any expert advisor themselves to trade extreme price movement using any technical indicator like Bollinger Band, RSI, etc (e.g. open a short trade when RSI hits 80 or more in 5 minute chart with TP 12 pips and SL 210 pips). The result would be exactly the same as HiRider, lots of gains and occasional loss which will wipe out all gains and more. I can do that kind of simple programming for a much less cost than $1000 USD.

Everyday is a working day, but not everyday is a trading day

Miembro desde Mar 19, 2010  8 mensajes Adrian (ChilliBear) Apr 02 2010 at 11:29
Refund from FRWC completed............ I was kinda happy either-way but getting $1000 back is fine with me. I did make $200 with HA too so all good.

I can now tell you that FRWC EA's can be decompiled to see the code but they are protected with a .dll file too ...... cracking or hacking this is beyond my capabilities.


Don't Sweat the small stuff

Miembro desde Feb 20, 2010  50 mensajes Hendra Lau (eafinder) Apr 02 2010 at 13:55
I don't like cracking and hacking and dislike those who try to do this kind of thing. A good EA deserves to be paid, period.

In other news, I received an email from Plimus that the refund is complete, although I still need to see it in my statement. The refund is not coming from FRWC. After FRWC copy and paste email to my refund request, I replied to them I would prefer my refund, only to be bounced back to me saying their mailbox is full. WTH?

Everyday is a working day, but not everyday is a trading day

Miembro desde Mar 08, 2010  15 mensajes carlscott1982 Apr 02 2010 at 13:59
Hi Eafinder,

Same deal here, my refund request was bounced back because their mailbox is full. Seems dodgy to me but I'm going to give it another chance (Im sending the request to admin@forexetc instead of refund@forexetc this time). Otherwise I'm going to have to go to Pilimus.


Miembro desde Feb 20, 2010  50 mensajes Hendra Lau (eafinder) Apr 02 2010 at 14:25
Hi carlscott1982,

That's really nice of you to try dealing with them. FRWC has made it really difficult for people to get a refund, first by changing rules to get refund only after 30 days, then refund only after 30 actual trading days. Then they send a copy and paste email asking people to wait and not to get a refund, and then this last one of bounced back email. That's enough for me.

Any other EA sold by clickbank, you request a refund, you instantly get it, no questions asked, no hassles.

Everyday is a working day, but not everyday is a trading day

Miembro desde Mar 03, 2010  26 mensajes msteve000 Apr 02 2010 at 17:14 (editado a las Apr 02 2010 at 17:15 )
eafinder posted:
    Hi carlscott1982,

Any other EA sold by clickbank, you request a refund, you instantly get it, no questions asked, no hassles.

Just a word about ClickBank. True what you say, but I have been trying talk to Clickbank Customer Service and they are just as bad in getting back to you. They have a policy of banning 'serial refunders'. I have been wanting to discuss that issue with them in light of all the crap they allow to be sold. Hell, I'll try everything as long as I know I can get a hassle free refund and not be banned, but don't know what their trigger is. So far, refunded USDBOT + upsell, Forex Ripper + Upsell, 50/50 whether I do on Forex Cash Evolution, Also fell for the Steal Pips Hype, but just in week 1 (1st 2 trades stopped out, no trades since then)


Miembro desde Mar 15, 2010  7 mensajes dstokes80 Apr 02 2010 at 19:00
I blame myself for buying into the marketing hype with this product. While I didn't expect 300% ++ returns every 20 days of course, I would have been fairly happy with 15% per month and with limited drawdowns <10%... simply as a complement to manual trading because of course I cannot be in front of the computer screen actively trading 24 hours a day. I purchased this product with the hope that ''you get what you pay for'' and that the quality would be a lot higher than any of the other commercially available $100 EA's because the price is that much higher. But it seems that this was not the case.

This is the first time I have bought a trading bot before and it will be the last time. Automated trading doesn't suit my personality or style of trading, and although the thought of having an EA making money for me while I can't be at the computer is incredibly appealing, I don't like the lack of control in automated trading. Yes, you can manually exit trades earlier but that defeats the purpose of the exercise and if you can't trust your EA then why bother?

To me there is no shortcut to mastering the art and science of trading. I am not going to buy any more EA's or secret trading systems but instead invest my time and energy and money into acquiring the necessary skills and experience to be a great trader.

I received the notification from Plimus that a refund has been processed. So, thankfully, this learning experience didn't cost as much as it potentially could have cost me.

I also noticed the emails to refunds department at FRWC are says their mailbox is full. I wonder why?


Miembro desde Mar 04, 2010  50 mensajes jonfxbot Apr 03 2010 at 00:28 (editado a las Apr 03 2010 at 00:33 )
These Fusions clowns not being responsive is actually a good thing.
Then you can just harass Plimus crooks non-stop and start to
threaten them. Just continually harass them. Fusion clowns have
stopped responding... even stopped doing that retarded copy
and paste responses. Now, there are a ton of complaints against
Fusion clowns. Now, it has become easier to get refunds. It's
always easier when the vendor's reputation starts to fall apart
and when everybody complains against them. Regarding ClickBank
banning habitual refunders. Very easy to get around that even
if they ban your credit cards. Just use PayPal and just change
your primary email address. Also, there is absolutely nothing
wrong with decompiling EAs to see what the code actually is.
Even if you rebrand it and sell it, there is nothing wrong with it.
As I have stated, once you look at the codes and I have looked
at the codes of over 100 EAs and guess what? Not one single
one has any one single code of original logic or coding. It all
came out of metaquotes programming forum and from the
metaquotes guys themselves. So don't make some ethical
or moral argument. Only private EAs have value and only those
you have programmed yourself has any value. If they are so valuable,
they won't be for sale for $97 on ClickBank. Now, these Fusion
clowns have raised the price to seem different from others but
in fact, they are now the biggest crooks on the EA marketing
arena bar none. They are the biggest crooks around now no
doubt about it.

Stop contacting these guys for refund. Go directly to
and go to their customer link and file refund. And keep responding
to their emails. This is why I advised people to report your cards
lost so that they can't charge you again. Plimus vendors have a
history of charging their customers' accounts over the years.
Contact Plimus directly. It is actually a good thing that Fusion
guys stopped responding to complaints. It makes it easier to
get refunds. Just endlessly harass and threaten Plimus.

DLL can be decompiled as well. And all EAs can be recoded to
not refer to the DLLs. And all protective function codes can
be either deleted, recoded, or just disabled by changing the
default values. It just proves that all the EA marketers either
steal someone's work like these Fusion clowns do or just rebrand
the free EAs on forex forums. You would be amazed just how
many commercial EAs are once free or just rebrands of other
EAs. In short, they are all the same. So the best method is
this... perfect your manual trading strategy and philosophy
and translated that into your own EA and keep it private.
Because a successful EA will never be sold for $97 on ClickBank.
And if it costs $1,000+, then you know you are dealing with
a crook.

Dukascopy rules !!!
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