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RobotX (By robotxpro )

Ganancia +456.53%
Drawdown 32.87%
Pips: 1293.1
Operaciones 35
Tipo Real
Apalancamiento: 1:500
Trading Desconocido


Jan 18 2018 at 18:39
247 mensajes
robotchallenge posted:
Not updating for such a long time is just a simple strategy to hide the open drawdown. If it recovers the vendor will activate it again and have the appearance of a safe trade, or safer trade, since it was a bad one for sure.
But if you go the vendors own signal account on that is posted above then you can see the disastrous results thus far.
This is a complete failure.

This is not going to recover. Because it hit stoploss twice. that means nearly 40% loss. My demo acc hit first stoploss and GBPUSD doesnt seem to be on the path towards south..

If he is not a scammer, he should refund our money

Jan 19 2018 at 04:54
134 mensajes
And now the signals are disabled. Talk about a flash in the pan. I guess I will remove this from my watch list and disappear too.

Be afraid, very afraid?
he704985385 (he704985385)
Jan 24 2018 at 07:39
4 mensajes
!!! No refund!!!

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