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Kevin_debur (Kevin_debur)
Apr 14 2019 at 08:44
1 mensajes
I'v settled with land-fx for the premium conditions they are ready to offer to it's EA clients. Developing one can take years, even on intraday frequency of trading they eventually the commissions eventually add up. Not overpaying can win enough patience time to release the algorithm. p.s. just realised that it might read as a self promotion, which it is not, if my ea was ready i wound't be spending time here :)

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Sergh_Bondar (Sergh_Bondar)
May 19 2019 at 05:55
1 mensajes
Land-fx deserves to be the best not only because they offer good services but also due to their core product offerings that are too genuine.

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Sergio_Tuskets (Sergio_Tuskets)
Jun 03 2019 at 11:31
1 mensajes
Enough currency pairs, CFDs and Cryptos to trade on less spreads plus the discount commissions makes this broker my first choice.

Sergey_Torsikov (Sergey_Torsikov)
Jun 09 2019 at 10:33
1 mensajes
Using land-fx for the second wave of crypto, their leverage and conditions is the ideal mix of conditions for a free ride during this exciting times. Just don't forget to sell everything off, before the next guy ;)

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Dmitriy_Trooks (Dmitriy_Trooks)
Jun 26 2019 at 14:18
1 mensajes
Never had an issue with their customer support. I wish those gaps on dax were to become less frequent though and thanks to the client desk of land-fx.

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Alex_Daizen (Alex_Daizen)
Jul 01 2019 at 11:39
1 mensajes
It's a pity land-fx stopped offering crypto again, their reps said that with this market, it's not sustainable. What i respect in Land's is their candid approach to customer interaction though. DAX it is!

Pier_Demoon (Pier_Demoon)
Jul 06 2019 at 10:55
1 mensajes
Decent broker. I use prime account and spreads are good but commissions could be lower on some pairs. Offer of MT4 and MT5 is good but would like to see more platform options. I did not have a problem depositing but withdrawal took longer than anticipated. Got money i the end though. I thought about giving them top rating, but after some consideration i could see that there is still room for improvement.

Jeremey_Hamember (Jeremey_Hamember)
Aug 05 2019 at 10:26
1 mensajes
The lowest spreads on majors among regulated EU brokers, who also offer 1:500 leverage that i could find online. Pleasant customer service and fewer waste on the website than usual.

Determined for success...
Aug 16 2019 at 14:56
1 mensajes
No hidden charges, no fake promises, Land-fx 100% delivers what's mentioned on their website. pro tip: their support seem resistant to annoying people ;)

Andrey_Dobs (Andrey_Dobs)
Sep 06 2019 at 09:41
1 mensajes
Humanity is in decline these days, but seems like land-fx marketing cracked this one before many other titans of this business. I hope other people can see the difference between marketing fluff and what they really need to have chances at success in trading.

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