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Slavko4Portslav (Slavko4Portslav)
Sep 12 2019 at 11:55
1 mensajes
I have been following advices of Nenad Kerkez since 2011 and have learned a lot in Forex because of him. He was my guide to Land-fx and I'm grateful for it.

Perform every-day...
Toivo4Passan (Toivo4Passan)
Sep 19 2019 at 11:45
1 mensajes
The surge of the 'operating losses' scared the living ghosts out of me. It turns out, the news concerning FCA entity, don't take into account the overall holding, thats doing better than ever. Thanks Land-fx!

Keep calm and stay sharp...
Stepan4Drap (Stepan4Drap)
Sep 28 2019 at 05:53
1 mensajes
Surprisingly land-fx is not only about low trading fees, you will also find reasonable bonuses and flexible leverage options. Client relationship feels friendly and not pushy.

Petro4Svoboda (Petro4Svoboda)
Oct 05 2019 at 10:08
1 mensajes
Although their strict compliance with regulation may irritate you sometime, benefits outweigh the discomfort.

Fun, learn and earn...
Gora4Skoroda (Gora4Skoroda)
Nov 07 2019 at 15:05
1 mensajes
Short temper is an enemy of a trader, guys at land-fx are genius for identifying the shortcoming of the traders via the surveys and sending sound tips based on your score.

Nathan4Torreda (Nathan4Torreda)
Nov 23 2019 at 06:49
1 mensajes
Thanks for the solid well-rounded trading environment. The platform and execution is all i really need. Time to add myfxbook integreation, time for you guys to look for copy trading partners.

Trade well, live better...
Mario4Kepler (Mario4Kepler)
Nov 29 2019 at 11:05
1 mensajes
Albeit, a week PR & Marketing here in EU, Lands are quite flexible with money operations, and can offer decent leverage without you needing to prove them anything.

Stay focused and earn big...
Artem4Potorak (Artem4Potorak)
Dec 07 2019 at 04:54
1 mensajes
They neither do much marketing nor provide huge bonuses. This shows up in the cost of trading - which is minuscule if you compare it to other EU ventures.

Jandre4Hemperus (Jandre4Hemperus)
Dec 21 2019 at 14:03
1 mensajes
The only beef with FX is due to the lack of analytics, with the rest i couldn't agree more with the comments in this thread - top notch provider with an emphasis on what matters!

Experience makes me richer...
Andrii4Parubets (Andrii4Parubets)
Dec 26 2019 at 04:00
1 mensajes
Assuming fast trade execution, safety of funds and a pinch-like bonus offers (for me atleast) as the basic needs of an FX trader, Land-fx is the best.

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