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posts 2
I trade btcusd and xrpusd more often; I have strategies that work for them. The beautiful thing is that I trade them with leverage and have high returns in just a little pip movement. There is a high chance i blow out at some point but all is good sofar :)
posts 2
News trading is easy here because the spread does not get too big to trade with. I trade news here frequently and i like what i see for now
posts 1
I am impressed at the services here with no delay in withdrawal and deposit. Constant news are also released for different markets that he has
posts 4
No extraneous charges, I get to know what I am charged for which has simply been only the spread so far with the standard account
posts 2
It has an islamic account which charges no overnight swap fees. The Islamic account also functions as well as the other account types, so, there is no fear of missing out

Pros: Islamic accounts accept different trading styles. No deposit or withdrawal fee is paid for the Islamic account.
Cons: the spread for the Islamic account starts from 1 pip
posts 8
Using XBTFX as my second broker because my first broker, though reliable, does not have cryptocurrencies and stocks. Opening an account was fat and easy, I didn't have to do any KYC, and the conditions have also been balanced
no day trading at all 420 days, 3 hours, 12 min
posts 5
Withdrawing and depositing with cryptocurrency is fast. No issues from day one.
posts 6
Earning from referral is a good initiative. Most asset classes are available. Stocks forex and crypto are also easy to trade
posts 2
I started with a demo and opened a live account when I became consistent. I am still learning every day and getting better with trading. Up to the point of typing this, there are no qualms yet.
posts 2
It has been going well here.I have been scammed by brokers in the past and it is not a good experience. XBTFX has good trading conditions.
posts 3
I have not taken seriously crypto brokers, now I see how much features there are when switching to crypto-currency:
1. Low requriments to deposit.
2. No commissions for deposits and withdrawals
posts 7
I find that this broker offers fair conditions for trading crypto currencies. Aside, from this, there are also fair conditions for exchanging coins. I have recently exchanged some dogecoins into usdt and paid small fee of some 3%. No other fees or commissions paid.
posts 3
My experience with this broker is up to now quite good. As a scalper trader, I need to have support from my broker in terms of swift execution ,low spreads and no slippages. So far I have very good support from this broker, I also hope that it will continue
posts 3
A huge selection of crypto assets. In my opinion, xbtfx is one of the best broker for automated trading, because only with it my robots began to bring steady profit without any trade issues
posts 9
Molabar posted:
I've noticed that working with crypto currencies has become particularly relevant nowadays, so I think it may be promising to try working for this company. But I would advise you to check the regulation and security of that company.

no problem for now
withdrawal about 15-35 min, than wallet binance than on card

there is commision only on binance

it's really mych better than scrill etc
posts 20
I've noticed that working with crypto currencies has become particularly relevant nowadays, so I think it may be promising to try working for this company. But I would advise you to check the regulation and security of that company.
posts 23
Yes, it looks quite impressive, but I will agree with the opinion that everything should be checked.
I hope that this company offers a demo job so that the trader can appreciate all the services and advantages of the company...
posts 9
It is possible to request an Islamic account, but only with USDT, I have no problem with that. You can trade using EA, they are not blocked. The support works quickly, they answered me within 10 minutes. Good luck in trading, I hope for help 😎
posts 3
Actually pretty impressed today, they notified by email that they deposited a small btc bonus for Christmas and removed the volume requirement which technically means they gave a real deposit for nothing.
posts 3
Typical crypto/fx broker but is a bit more upscale in terms of quality. Nice execution but really like i can have a USD account with tether and usd coin instead of being stuck with btc as an account currency. I also got a pretty nice exchange feature between cryptos and OK affiliate rate
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