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leo23''s Feed

leo23 Oct 25 2016 at 06:23
Yes, absolutely 5% a month can be very easily achieved with a maximum 10% equity protection.

This account doesn't use the same risk set up. We are using the high risk set up as per the investor's requirements. Here we are using 30% equity protection with 60% monthly target which is definitely high risk. That means chances of hitting the equity protection is high.

But in low risk mode the chances of hitting the equity protection is very very low. It can be done with 10% protection for 5% monthly or for 20% protection for 10% monthly and so on.

This can be done with any broker and hence, broker is not at all an issue. But for a 10% protection it requires a minimum capital of 10K since in 10K balance the maximum lot size is 0.01 lot.

fx4btc Oct 24 2016 at 09:18
Are you serious about about 5% monthly with 10% max drawdown because your trading here doesn't prove that. On top of that, the broker you use already has negative reviews -,1
leo23 Oct 25 2016 at 06:20
Yes, this account is using high risk. That means our targeted monthly return is double of the equity protection %. That means if we set 30% equity protection, then we target 60 % monthly return. This is the case in this account. But in low risk mode our targeted monthly return is half of the equity protection. That means for a 30% protection, we target 15% per month. So similarly for a 10% equity protection, we target 5% per month and it is very easy to do it absolutely safely.
leo23 Oct 25 2016 at 06:21
Nothing to worry about this broker since this is one of our client's account. We can do this with any broker. But you need to have minimum 10K balance for a 10% protection.