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ChatGPT Trading Bot

Apr 07 at 09:38
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Membre depuis Apr 06, 2023   posts 1
Apr 07 at 09:38
Hi guys, someone has already tried to apply ChatGPT to Trading
It's on github


it looks really very interesting
Membre depuis Oct 12, 2016   posts 834
Apr 07 at 10:25
Well, I have been trying almost for an year with original GPT when even chatgpt was not available to public and then, came CHATGPT. Also, now I have access to GPT-4 paid version and GPT-4 has been denying continuously that it can't defy financial markets and it's inherent random nature. So all the hype going around these days over internet is different and practical application in forex market is different.

So far it has even failed to develop a reasonably profitable EA over a certain back testing period. Once it can develop a highly profitable EA, then we can consider that we have reached AGI('Artificial General Intelligence'). But yes, GPT-4 is much more advanced than previous versions and it can develop some EAs and sometimes it can make profit as well which can not meet at all to any standard expectations of a trader.

Even the more sophisticated methods like 'MuZero' of DeepMind works quite amazingly well during trained data, but fails terribly during non-trained data of backtesting period. It's a 6 years journey for me and my team and so probably beating forex market completely is the last thing AI can do before reaching AGI.
Artificial General Intelligence
Membre depuis Feb 14, 2022   posts 8
Apr 07 at 10:29
Yes i have tried using it. where are u from ?
Membre depuis Apr 26, 2023   posts 5
Apr 26 at 15:23
Yes i have tried using it. but not works
Membre depuis Jun 14, 2017   posts 11
May 24 at 13:01
It is too much to expect a chat bit to know how to trade! It is not true AI it is just chat
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