Well, Bitcoin and stocks. That’s a very interesting thing. Earlier I thought that Bitcoin as well as other cryptos are absolutely independent from the rest of the financial world but I was wrong but I saw it recently. I noticed that cryptos follow indices. I should confess that I was shocked to see that correlation. On the other hand, it all makes trading Bitcoin more predictable because all you need to do is to pay attention to indices. See, how they move and based on it you can decide on cryptos.
I think that it’s a good sign. It probably shows that cryptos become an indisputable part of the global economy. They are not regulated yet but they already react to economy news and so on. I think that over time cryptos will become more predictable assets to trade. I think that those who are pessimistic about Bitcoin as well as other cryptos simply lack patience. I’m sure that there’s no dark future for cryptos. Everything Ok will be with digital coins.