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GBP/USD daily outlook

Nov 28 2018 at 07:37
posts 708
GBP/USD: The pound fell on Tuesday after warning that the agreement on Brexit is unprofitable for the UK. GBP/USD declined by 0.6% to 1.2753 after the US president announced that the Brexit agreement, signed by the British Prime Minister Theresa May seems to be an excellent deal for the EU that could lead to the termination of trade between the UK and the USA.

Nov 28 2018 at 15:07
posts 229
While Brexit news takes some time off and waiting for the critical date on 10th December, GBP/Usd has recovered some ground and consolidating higher ground which just below 1.2800 handles.

Nov 28 2018 at 20:11
posts 210
Gbp/usd made a signifficant rise today, gaining more than 100 points on its behalf and holding above the key resistance at 1.2810. If it manages to hold above this level, we could expect 1.2860 or even higher. On the flip side, going back to 1.2760 would resume the bullish scenario.

Ari Goldman (arigoldman)
Nov 29 2018 at 08:20
posts 907
The level of uncertainty is really high right now. I think I'll stay away until things clear up a bit.

Nov 29 2018 at 22:38
posts 229
Lack of new Brexit headlines keeps the Pound trading within the range under 1.2800 level, the pair continues under pressure and downside potential increase when the pair break below support level around 1.2720 handles.

Nov 30 2018 at 12:33
posts 229
Brexit uncertainties have weighed in on GBP/Usd, the pair has extended its consolidation movement to the lower ground, mid 1.2700's. While the pair remains bearish, the downside seems capped to 1.2700 level.

Dec 02 2018 at 08:12
posts 6
I think he will fall down deep, but we have to wait and watch the last monthly candle. I think it will be Doji candle which assures the pair will continue in their main downtrend. he is stabilized around 1.26950 support level but I think he will break it soon.
by the way, he is inside a horizontal channel and as I see he is going down to touch its bottom. why do I think that? on the monthly chart, he was in a downtrend since 7/2014 and he completed his correction to 50% Fibonacci on 4/2018 and then he back to his main movement 'going down' and he now stabilizes at 23.6% Fibonacci and when he breaks it, he will fall to 1.2190 'the bottom level of the horizontal channel'

Anthony Rizal (AnthonyWins)
Dec 11 2018 at 11:30
posts 212
It's already gains 50% after the falling yesterday to the lowest point from 2017 April, 16th.
Today's debates will positive affect the GBP/USD, I believe. But after that there is a chance to find the GBP/USD on the bottom of 1.2000

Jan 08 2019 at 03:17
posts 774
A lot of volatilty on the GBPUSD lately but the 1.2800 level could act as resistance. Above the 1.2800 level its next resistance could be the 1.2900 level, followed by the 200 day EMA at the 1.3000 level. Below the 1.2700 level, its next support could be the 1.2600 level.

Jan 09 2019 at 11:06
posts 10
I expect price to go sideways until the Brexit vote next week. GBPUSD and other GBP pairs are too risky to trade right now IMHO

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