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PAMM Managers and Investors

German (MelehGerman)
Dec 24 2014 at 13:43
posts 36
small investors I know well
agree, they invest $ 100 and want to get 100 every month. It's all clear.
I'm interested in the opinion of the investor, but not the thoughts of traders

German (MelehGerman)
Dec 26 2014 at 07:32
posts 36
myfirstmillion posted:
drefhill posted:
It's harder for investors because of they are the only ones who put their money at risk, traders just play with others peoples money so if they win they get commition and if they loose they only loose other peoples money so traders can only win.

A good manager has to invest his money on his PAMM. If you see at Alpari-forex.com, a manager has to start the account with his own money. You can chose a manager that invest more money on his managed account.
The only way for a manager to withdraw his capital is to close the PAMM at Alpari. I think that this is a proof that the manager is serious.

Investor it is important to know what personal capital in the PAMM manager?
And the investor realizes how much money, time and nerves spent manager until built its trading system? Who is able to assess?

German (MelehGerman)
Dec 30 2014 at 22:26
posts 36
Unfortunately, my topic is not interested in professional investors.
Apparently this issue does not bother them.
I really wanted to find a common ground.
In all of the above I have nothing new for myself did not read.
All the luck and success in trading and investing !!!!

German (MelehGerman)
Jan 01 2015 at 07:54
posts 36
Please explain to me the following situation)))
December 23 was an investment in my PAMM account, but on December 28 it was taken.
How do you know that? between output and low volatility, investors wanted to earn a 50% profit)))) What is this investor thinking?
Do not you know that from December 24 to January 2, get plenty of rest?

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