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Bonus is not that much important

Jul 03 at 10:10
posts 357
Willemcurtis posted:
forexminded posted:
Bonus is secondary. Primary motive should be choosing a broker who provides good services along with great pricing.

Every broker does not have terms and conditions on bonuses. They might have some eligibility criteria for the same.

Yes. All trader should see all the terms and conditions before selecting the broker.

Jul 04 at 10:37
posts 288
Yes most bonus are just bogus. There is nothing for a trader. But yes you can experience real trading environment with no deposit bonus. But deposit bonus is no use.

Jul 06 at 07:01
posts 54
Of course, when choosing a broker in the first stage, we look at what conditions and how payment systems work, and then at additional bonuses, I can say that the Amarkets broker is doing well at all stages.

Jul 19 at 11:48
posts 34
Well, I think it depends on the traders. Some may not be a fan of such welcome bonuses while some enjoy having some additional margin in their trading accounts. It's all about different perspectives.

Jul 19 at 13:28
posts 6
if you read that the broker has a bonus don't get it, first read rules
if there is written that you can't withdrawal your funds befire that bonus will be traded then avoid such broker or such bonus

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