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Confidence is very important

Sep 13 at 20:02
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Confidence is much more important that one can think about it. There should be a real balance. If you would be very confident then probably you can come to overtrading or dump your deposit. If you would be less confident you can also lose all your money. That's why I guess that everything should be in balance. Confidence lets us to feel free when we decide to open a deal or not, when we understand that there are some opportunities to earn money or there areno such ones. Nevertheless, if you have no confidence in trading you can always improve this trait at least in this activity, in life it will be much harder.

Marcel Durham (MarcellusLux)
Sep 14 at 10:57
posts 95
necolesilvers posted:
@MarcelDurham I agree with you. Quite often an ill-prepared person is the least confident. It is good to practice and work on improving your skills so that confidence may never leave your side.

...at the same time, beginners should be wary of false assumptions, after the very first initial successes. It is important to take into account the stability factor and readiness for each possible scenario of the market movement. Brain and skill training builds confidence through knowledge.

Sep 25 at 16:07
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Confidence is always important but it shouldn't be exaggerated. There should be no fear before opening a deal because you should fully rely on your trading strategy.

Sep 25 at 17:22
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For a trader, this is a really important aspect, because it directly affects the results of work. This is worth judging in order to make a profit.

Sep 27 at 09:51
posts 4
There is always a need for confidence, but it should not be excessive. Before opening a deal, you should fully rely on your trading strategy.

Sep 27 at 14:32
posts 74
Confidence is so important in your trading, confidence is believing in yourself, being comfortable in your true self, and knowing you have value. Having confidence makes people trust you, and you will also succeed easily. It is confidence that attracts success. When you have good self-confidence you make good decisions in trading, and as a result you are successful in the forex market. So make sure that you develop a high level of self-confidence by learning forex.

Sep 27 at 19:52
posts 371
For work, this is really the most important aspect. It should be understood that it is really important to pay attention to this if a trader wants to get a positive result of his work.

Oct 07 at 18:15
posts 12
Confidence is important if you have a good trading strategy. However, if you are new to trading and don't have a reliable trading strategy, you should be skeptical about all your thoughts and never risk too much. So, confidence is important but overconfidence is detrimental.

Oct 14 at 18:29
posts 6
Confidence is important, of course, however it's a real art to have an ability not to be too confident. There is a border in this case and I believe that if you're too confident, then, probably it can turned out bad for you, as well as if you're less confident, it might also turnde out bad for you. Trading is such an activity which don't like confidence, thus you should be pretty careful with it. You should be confident in your satrategy, knowledge and skills, but never be sure that you win a particular poisition, always rely on your personal skills and strategy, otherwise you will never see win positions actually.

Suradi (FXOday)
Oct 14 at 23:22
posts 172
Yes, of course, confidence is important, if forex market like a girl, you as the guy should be confident to make approach the girl, but the confidence should in fair level, don't overconfidence because it will drop your reputation, women will like to you as natural guys, if likely one girl rejects you, still there are so many another girl waiting for you, market forex remains there, one day get fail still many chances on the future, just need to make efforts and try again.

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