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Sentiment Data

Sep 30 at 19:27
posts 8
Market sentiment is a combination of many factors.
This can be analysed in person or indeed something can be found on websites.
Many people talk about it, many write about it - just take the time to analyse it all.

Oct 01 at 06:54
posts 477
Absolutely right. Moreover, the trader needs to take into account in the process of work most of all this information.

Oct 06 at 09:49
posts 3
Mmmmmmmm well..... after analysing it for some time, it's clear it often works, but does not always work, so you're somewhat left nonethewiser because just when you think you can rely on it, price has already exhaused itself going 'against the crowd' and it won't work :| Also, the data can be rather different from provider to the next, perhaps some work out the % long or short purely on customer/account numbers, not lot numbers like Myfxbook does

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