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vontogr (togr)
Sep 27 2016 at 07:42
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FxMasterGuru posted:
iandos2006 posted:
s u r e t p

Low DD
100% Won Trades

monthly update : +18.27%


It definitely LOOKS NICE on paper having 100% winnnig trades, however, it can be SCARY for investors/followers...

Why? Because the max. risk of your trades are unknown, so the 'implied SL' is 100%...

In other words: it LOOKS LIKE you might be holding the trades until they go into profit.
Sep 28 2016 at 12:07
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Hi there,

 With a decade of experience I have finally decided to publish my Signal !

This Signal is completely operated manually and on the basis of pure technical analysis ! I will monitor various pairs to identify and spot the pattern and situation which I have found to be the most precise in the past 10 years. Obviously no method is 100 % correct however we should expect at least 70 % correct trades with a steady and consistence growth (~5-10 % monthly).

Absolutely each and every trade will have pre-specified SL and TP.

Don't forget that getting the trade right only matters for about 30 percent ! What is extremely important is Capital Management and Emotional control !! the latter two are far far more important that just getting the trend right ! (I have lots of experience and stories to tell if interested don't hesitate to ask!) In better words getting the trade right is one thing and making profit out of it SOMETHING ELSE !

By the way trading frequency is completely dependent to market situation ! it might range from several time a day to once a week ! So patient traders are very welcome !!

All the best

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