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Trading is not just about

Feb 02 at 12:17
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UweMoench posted:
Trading is not just about a good system/strategy. There is lot more things you need to achieved. It needs time, efforts and dedication to achieve those. First you have to accept the fact that trading isn't easy unless you are skilled enough.

Well said.

Feb 02 at 13:17
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which is better to learn fx , crypto , stock, options , commodities, indices

Jun 05 at 12:26
posts 588
Learn and practice can bring success, not anything else.

Jun 05 at 12:33
posts 593
@pirach24 All are good except options. Options trading is nothing but gambling. Choose one that you like the most.

Jun 28 at 07:48
posts 81
It seems to me that trading on the forex market is generally a different direction than gambling, which is why you need to distinguish between these concepts if you want to make money here.

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