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best websites for trading knowledge

Sep 20 at 20:03
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demo for practice is a must!
also have a look at myfxbook - sentiment indicator and babypips forum

Sep 21 at 00:48
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Sarjohn posted:
AliaDare posted:
I collect all kinds of information from different websites online. I like to trade on demo platforms. This increased my knowledge a lot.

Good strategy! And note down your mistakes, try not to repeat the mistakes again.

Yes, I do it all the time. Make a note of the mistakes and never forget that note.

Sep 21 at 01:19
posts 387
There are many websites from which you can gain trading knowledge. I have to take it in pieces and develop skills from there and practice with that knowledge on the demo platform.

Sep 22 at 10:38
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According to me, school of pipsology on babypips is one of the easiest mediums to learn about forex, along with this demo trading is helpful too.

Oct 03 at 05:33
posts 342
@CocoChannel Yes School of Pipsology of babypips has the well organized resources for learning. Also they have basics to advanced materials for learning.

Dec 02 at 14:41
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As far as I concerned, there are plenty of such websites and it's pretty difficult to determine which one can be the best for gaining knowledge in trading. You shouldn't forget that knowledge also comes with experience and skills. If you will start trading on a real account, then probably you will be able to gain knowledge and experience simultaneously.
I believe that the best website for gaining knowledge is something like investopedia, because all the basic notions are described there. Moreover, you can read additional information about traing in case you want to dive into it.

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