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Importance of demo trading

May 07 at 23:10
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traderroni posted:
Demo and Live accounts results are quite different though. When money comes into play, the entire game is changed. Yet. demo practicing is an absolute necessity in trading.

I also agree. Every new trader should start with demo trading first before real trading.

Jun 05 at 12:36
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Demo trading is not at all dull and I have been reading for some time now. I remember trading on a demo account for about 5 or 6 months before I actually moved onto the live account with my broker.

Rjay Bulaong (RjayBulaong)
Jun 05 at 13:03
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For me, demo trading is so useless (in my experience, at least). It's really only useful for familiarizing yourself with the platform, but with regard to actual trading, hasn't been that helpful for me. I mean, for real though, no one takes play money seriously lol. Dip your feet in the water! You can always start small, then just gradually increase it as you gain more experience.

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney
Jun 09 at 05:52
posts 640
It is free and traders can test real trading without any money.

Jun 11 at 08:17
posts 330
LyudmilLukanov posted:
It is free and traders can test real trading without any money.

Yes.It's the most important thing to practice and learn forex trading.

Jun 12 at 17:28
posts 446
LyudmilLukanov posted:
It is free and traders can test real trading without any money.

Yes. a demo can be very effective to learn forex properly.

Jun 13 at 10:57
posts 50
right now i am trading in demo where i am using all my strategies and high leverage to see the performance how it works. this approach really supportive to avoid unfortunate risk and losses.

Jun 14 at 10:23
posts 9
I use demo now as well. it is the best. I can try different EAs and my own trades risk free. No point losing money unnecessarily

Jun 15 at 08:22
posts 951
its a very good decision, demo is really important but honestly
speaking sometimes the experience we take from the demo not works in a real account.

Jun 15 at 09:11
posts 9
I consider demo trading as one of the important steps that a trader should perform before going into live trading. Trading on demo accounts will give you a better understanding of the market and will also help in identifying risks that can be avoided while making live trades.

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