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Withdrawal issues!

Mar 30 at 04:49
posts 15
groundhogday posted:
I always to a small deposit and a small test withdrawal first to check for any road bumps that the broker may throw at me

Yes that seems like a much wiser thing to do

Mar 30 at 09:43
posts 26
Withdrawal problems can be a major red flag. Maybe check the broker’s reviews before you use them?. It can get frustrating over time.

Mar 31 at 04:59
posts 3
Take a look at any specific fees, delays, and rules of withdrawal very carefully. But remember that all guidelines and fees don’t always mean a scam.

Mar 31 at 07:48
posts 26
I have never faced any issues with withdrawals. Are you sure you’re not overtrading?

Mar 31 at 10:57
posts 18
Yes. that’s true. Not being able to take out your own money is scary. My ex who introduced me to trading had this issue with TradesWay (or something like that) but from what I understand, both regulated and unregulated brokers can give this issue. It all just depends on who the broker is. And, of course, on your trading style - lot sizes, minimum balance, etc.

yana hansen (78678676)
Apr 08 at 11:13
posts 137
I don't think there should be an issue while withdrawing a small amount of money. No broker will ask for any documents . However, documents might be asked for while verifying your account in the first place.

Apr 21 at 05:25
posts 9
If you are facing issues with withdrawals, you should contact your broker.

Apr 21 at 08:55
posts 112
If brokers are really normal, then you can solve any financial issues with their managers

Apr 21 at 15:04
posts 13
I had a terrible experience with several brokers during withdrawals. Some took days to solve the issue, and some kept asking me to verify my account. Because of these issues, I burned many accounts.

Sar John (Sarjohn)
Apr 22 at 08:25
posts 187
This is a very uncommon issue, usually brokers didn’t ask for any documentation while making a withdrawal irrespective of the amount. It’s client money and he can withdraw whenever he wants.

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