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£60000 demo Daniel Davies (de Daniel Davies )

Gain : +6.57%
Drawdown 95.90%
Pips: 7743.5
Transactions 68994
Type: Démo
Levier: 1:500
Trading: Automatisé

Discussion £60000 demo Daniel Davies

Feb 13 at 07:44
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Daniel Davies (Danny83boy)
Feb 13 at 07:50
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Feb 13 at 11:12
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Hi Davies, My name is Asueiza, interested in your auto trading system.

Daniel Davies (Danny83boy)
Feb 18 at 19:53
posts 10
Hi mate. All my infos here 👇👇👇👇

Fxcorereal Robot (Daily profit maker)

Experience the joy of making profit while you are sleeping or busy working by generating automated
Passive income.

With an intelligent robot to trade just like a top trader.

A forex trading robot developed by top traders to analyse the market and open and close trades for you in profit when necessary.

The robot opens lotsizes depending on your account balance which is worked out using timeframes. The more account balance the more trades on lower timeframes. The lower the account balance the higher the timeframes the less trades.

The robot comes with pdf instructions explaining what timeframes to use on account sizes

Price is £300 for lifetime license on 1 mt4 account.

Payment option:
PayPal (preferable)
Bank Transfer
Or I can refer you to admin who has more payment options

Works with any broker. Best on zero or raw spread accounts.
I use ICmarkets which is the best for low spreads.

Minimum account balance to start with is £1000

Best on 1:500 leverage or above.

I’m myfxbook verified:
Real account:

Demo account:

Results in myfxbook are updated on a regular bases every trading day.

Contact details if you want to know anything else.

Feb 26 at 09:49
posts 19
This demo looks great. This leverage is safe to use for all systems since it eliminates any prospective losses. Good work with this.

Daniel Davies (Danny83boy)
Feb 27 at 09:17
posts 10
Defo mate. Would you be interested in purchasing this bot?

Mar 30 at 06:11
posts 15
I agree that demo trading fills you with confidence and encourages you to go live. But when you do, you realize that it is not what you saw on your demo trading account. Demo trading only lets you know how the platform will work. It has nothing to do with live trading.

Daniel Davies (Danny83boy)
Apr 01 at 22:49
posts 10
Demo account trades exactly the same as live trading. Only difference is that demo is not real money. I like to show people that on higher risk this robot I’m using actually works on demo account. I do have a live account trading account running but I don’t show my account balance for this. Just the account growth.

Apr 02 at 03:05
posts 149
Hey Danny boy, its kind of funny how your real live account has done an ROI of 45% in over 3 months, but the demo has done over 100% per month. Demo is a complete waste of time and thats why noone that comes to My Fx Book pays any attention to demo garbage accounts.

You also need to make the trade history public, because I have a suspesion that its a Martingale strategy which is very high risk, and most people are not interested in. If you are selling this EA why would anyone make the trade history private, because they have something to hide.

Daniel Davies (Danny83boy)
Apr 02 at 03:24
posts 10
My demo account is on very high risk. My live trading account is on very low Risk. Yes it’s a martingale strategy. There are some very good martingale style strategies out there. The robot I use proves it can handle any risk. Not all are bad. I’m not greedy and like a steady income. I don’t show my account balance because that’s personal.

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