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Bogie-HedgeHog-v4g (By wackena )

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4xfreak (4xfreak)
Apr 18 2010 at 01:45
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wackena posted:
winsteadglenn posted:
    Hi Wackena.

   Where would you go from here, my friend? Trade only EU?

 Someone suggested placing buys or sells for both EU and UC simultaneously, to enable them to hedge each other. Is there merit in that thought?
  Thanks, Glenn

As long as the major reason for price changes on the 2 pairs are from a weak or stronger $USD, then the reverse correlation is quite close. But when the Euro or CHF effect price then the correlation is off. The EA would need to only place Hedge Trades for these 2 pairs only when price change is only from a weak or stronger $USD, Maybe monitoring MA cross on several $USD pairs and if all agree on weaker or stronger $USD, then place hedge trades on EURUSD and USDCHF.

Can the MA crossover be programmed into the EA? or would we just keep the EA off until everything was in agreement?

Apr 18 2010 at 18:07
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wackena posted:
spike38 posted:
Even if you find an EA that back tests 10 yrs profitable, That doesn't mean it will survive next year. Also, If you are running
live, You would be foolish to blindly think the EA, Or trade is always going to come back around.

Martingales, If left unattended. Or unleashed. Can be dangerous.(only a fool trades with a blindfold)
But, Myself, I have found them to be very profitable!!!
-You must monitor them.
-Use proper MM
-Use Equity protection.
-Call upon your experience, To know when to intervene.



hi everyone, i had been following this thread for a while. shame the accout took such a beating. i have tried to backtest this ea numerous times over longer periods and i can never get it to make money like the other backtests posted here. i have it working great for 2009 onwards only. i would like to see the updated version that is been run with additional pairs to see if it can keep it going. i

 am testing and looking for a martingale type or lot increaser EA to run on larger accounts but to look for just 3% a month but impossible to blow up an account. this would be my retirement fund account. any ideas you have let me know.

good luck guys

4xfreak (4xfreak)
Apr 27 2010 at 02:31
21 messages
Is Wackena still monitoring this thread? I asked about programming his the MA crossover idea into the EA but no reply yet😕

Greatest Success ***Dale***

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