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Delusions Grandiose !! (de TheCyclist )

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Discussion Delusions Grandiose !!

Jul 30 2011 at 15:02
posts 2299
Regarding oil is hard to say what will happen. The best idea is to wait when price action shows where it is going.

Jul 30 2011 at 23:16
posts 2299
Wow, Mr.Zero has transferred $800 more to avoid getting MC. He thinks his math can solve this chaos which is human soul.
How smart. I wonder, if he is managing more funds will he be able to safe his ass by transferring more and more funds to avoid MC ? Or he might reverse to a la Madoff Ponzi scheme.
I truly enjoy him 'trading'. Every time same story. Fat tail brings Mr.Zero's spaceship back to Earth in hard crash.
I guess Zero should heed my advice and engage in cryogenic project.

Jul 31 2011 at 02:31
posts 724
It's solvable. I assure you...

Jul 31 2011 at 02:40
posts 724
Just extremely hard to do.

Jul 31 2011 at 11:18
posts 2299
Grim, by solvable you mentioned the problem of fat tails or of increasing debt limit, 😁

Sometimes there is break down in communication and it's hard to get to what post you are replying.

Jul 31 2011 at 11:53
posts 724
LOL - The debt limit is a fat tail !!

No the fat tails can be solved. Debt limit not so sure.

Jul 31 2011 at 14:50
posts 2299
Yeah, it can be said that debt is a fat tail, LOL. The fattest tails of all.
In any case to manage fat tails there must be some self control in such situations which Mr. Zero lacks. The guy thinks he is a genius and genius kinda must be always right. Not a good foundation to cut fat tails.

Aug 15 2011 at 22:44
posts 1367
TheCyclist posted: It's solvable. I assure you...

my point exactly.

Aug 15 2011 at 23:50
posts 1367
when i finish this project, it is going to be messy.

nobody remembers that i had at least two trading systems robbed from me by my project management..

i remember when i first started working with mark..

we worked at applied surface technology, over in san carlos, in the san francisco bay area...

he was so very nice to work for.

so very pleasant.

his mannerisms on the telephone, omg, he was so very prim and proper on the telephone..

and organized?

holy cow.

his desk was always hospital clean.

i could not have arranged his papers that sat on his desk any better if i were to use a t-square.

so one day, i told him that i was looking for something complicated to work on..

i dont think that he quite understood that i meant to go all the way.

he told me that the problem regarding these forex numbers was that he had never been able to find any person that could tell them which way that they were going to go..

i'd be willing to give it a crack, i told him.

and then one day i installed my first trading system onto his desktop..

oh my, his entire attitude changed.

we gotta move on this right now, he told me..

i am not finished with the coding, omg, i told him..

we have to move right now, we can make 1500% with this, he said..

no, not yet, i insisted..

and then he went ahead and ran my code without me.

triple and quadruple shame shame shame on you, mr jackson.

you get the dimwit award of the century.

and then, just to make sure that i understood his larcenous intentions, i let him rob me again.

yup, i did.

no worries.

cuz i am the pimp.

that second system that he took from me turned him a steady 1k% profit in a year.

and i was not finished, omg.


i remember one day while i was working at appliedsurface, one of the phd's cornered me on the main floor of the office..

he had three other men standing behind him, he said the following to me:

phd: edward, are you aware that you are a sociopath?
me: i listened, but did not respond.
phd: the thing that we cant figure out is that usually people like you are usually very rich.
me: i walked away from him.

my trading group will be regarded as a trading mafia.

count my words.

Aug 16 2011 at 00:37
posts 1367
Chikot posted: Fat tail brings Mr.Zero's spaceship back to Earth in hard crash.

sht the eff up, chicklet.

you idiot.


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