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Midaz Deo

Gain : +11694.54%
Drawdown 9.83%
Pips: 5075.1
Transactions 552
Type: Réel
Levier: 1:100
Trading: Manuel

Discussion Midaz Deo

Nov 22 2019 at 01:29
posts 1189

In addition, you should be fully aware of that the broker in question has been listed as unauthorized to conduct investment services.

To clarify 'Unauthorized', this means they are NOT permitted to provide financial services.

Definition: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/unauthorized

They're operating illegally.

Nov 22 2019 at 09:44
posts 1189
antylossgrid posted:
Professional4X posted:
novichekms posted:
sergeyclubfx posted:
What strategy use here?

Best safe real system.

One-time open only one order, two stop-loss + reverse close.

98% profit

This system doesn't produce 98% profit. Stop lying and stop using multiple accounts to post for yourself on it.

How do you know about this?

It's a fact the system doesn't have a 98% profit ratio.

I don't have to do anything to prove my point, it's a fact and it's right there on your stats page.

Longs Won: (193/248) 77%
Shorts Won: (211/302) 69%

Using the basic math formula of: ( 77 + 69 ) / 2 = 73% average profit ratio

Basic math doesn't lie, and you shouldn't either.

Fichiers joints:

Nov 22 2019 at 22:30
posts 4
bad system

Nov 24 2019 at 20:51
posts 1189
antylossgrid posted:

Strategy tester reports mean NOTHING, anyone can generate a report like that.
The real stats on on the stats page and reveal the truth about the account.

Nov 24 2019 at 21:07
posts 1189
It would be really easy to prove me absolutely wrong.

Provide the read only investors account information so we can publicly validate it.

There is no risk to your account by providing this information unless of course you know you are being dishonest.

Refusing to provide it, supports the fact that you are dishonest and your account isn't what you are making it out to be.

You say 98% profits?

Look at your stats page. Basic math doesn't lie.

So are you going to provide it for public validation?

Nov 25 2019 at 08:43
posts 1189

The account report you presented is absolutely NOT from this account.

Here is absolute proof.

The report you say is from this account clearly it is from a different account.

The stats are vastly different and cannot be from the same account.

Be honest.

Fichiers joints:

Nov 25 2019 at 22:09
posts 1189
The trader presented them as being from the account with 98% profits.
I present only the facts.
The report is simply not from the same account.
This account on this stats page does not have 98% profits.
That is all. Nothing more.

High risk little to no money management, hidden history and users that present the account as being something it is not.

This entire issue could be easily resolve by providing the read only investor account information so we can publicly verify the trading results. There is nothing to fear from providing this information, and it would only serve to benefit the investor because it would prove what they are doing is realistic. Otherwise, it's subject to extreme scrutiny and without proof of being what they say it is, one can only consider the account to be unrealistic, and considering the facts being presented clearly show the account as being extremely questionable at best.

Andy Zatt (fastdrive55)
Dec 02 2019 at 09:51
posts 102
Professional4X convinced me (again). The smooth growth curve is too good to be true. And that combined with the fact, that a fishy broker is involved, marks this a no-no to me.

Andy Zatt (fastdrive55)
Dec 24 2019 at 16:58
posts 102
The track record is not verfied. So there is something not right here.

Dec 26 2019 at 09:35
posts 32
Update account is off (Nov 26 at 06:56) Why?

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