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Membre depuis Nov 06, 2010  29 messages 0AFK0 May 04 2011 at 19:23
For celebrities there is no bad publicity, for traders there very much is.

As for your stupid hypothesis about me being forexscam - what is it based on? A simple check of the sign up date would show that I signed up about half a year before forexscam, another simple check of all my posts would be enough to see that I am a lurker and apart from this thread I hardly ever write here. Creating a sock puppet 6 months before creating the main account only to use it in one discussion is some genius mastermind troll shit. I wish I could plan my future that well, but alas, no.

And finally If you don't want to explain anything to me or anyone else, then why did you have this account public all this time you silly twat? Your 3 investors could monitor it from their own platforms connected directly yo your account and they could discuss it with you in person rather then in this public thread. Funny that in the entire 15 pages of this thread your investors are mysteriously absent. I think they are your close family members who only signed up so that you could meet FXOpen's minimum investor requirement to have a manager account with them LOL!


Membre depuis Mar 28, 2011  1008 messages ForexScam May 04 2011 at 19:52
I am not sure why you insist on attacking me over and over again. Its like you want some special prize for pointing that

1.) I deleted pipinvestment ( my first profile)
2.) I deleted pipinvestment1 ( my second profile)
3.) I deleted bestfxtrader ( my third profile -that clearly displayed my name and pipinvestment, as if it wasn't in your screedshots. Thanks for proving to everyone that I HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE. )

is it wrong to delete a profile and make a new one under the SAME COMPANY name? Thats all I ever did. I've already pointed out the reason behind deleting my profiles in this thread.

Now as far as using and creating FOREXSCAM - this account was intended to be anonymous because:
 1.) Money Managers should focus on trading and not care about what other traders are doing

I've had about a month off and honestly, I've been bored waiting around for Smartradefx tech team.

 While I had some down time, I thought that I should inform investors about how important transparency is and what to look out for. (Hence, the vouches.)

While trying to be anonymous I posted on Ranesh's thread while being logged in with my Company name (pipinvestment) and I had no choice but to come clean.

So since, that I have previously said, ' If I were to rate this Money manager(Ranesh) as pass or Fail, I would have to say FAIL.' whiel being logged in with FOREXSCAM, Ranesh feels the need the blow some steam in every thread that I ever posted in.

Just remember that you are not getting any better as a trader and you are not learning from your mistakes. Go cry to ADMIN again and get your thread cleaned up.

One Pip At A Time: Pipinvestment

Membre depuis Jan 28, 2010  257 messages rfx (ranesh) May 05 2011 at 04:21 (édité à May 05 2011 at 04:48 )
oh dear.. mama's boy is upset because he thinks he's being attacked.

Why don't you go and plead your pathetic case in your own little thread, the one associated with your account which shows 99% drawdown and -70% gain. ( )

Who does it look like that needs to be focussing on their own trading ? You, the one who has blown multiple accounts in less than a year and about to blow another.... or me who has not blown an account and still trading the same Managed Account since August of last year and still using the same myfxbook account since I joined in Jan' 2010 ?? I think the answer to that question is very obvious.

Here's one of your old posts made on some other trader's thread :

pipinvestment0 posted:

Since you commented to my post, you have put yourself on the chopping block. I am here as a Critic, to help investors find honest traders. I am also here to offer my service to investors and to display how difficult trading is when the Accounts are Real, LIVE, and with Creditable Brokers.

I am not here to criticize anyones trading strategy, method, or to compare myself with anyone. I am only interested in finding other Real Traders to diversify my own portfolio and to display my trading ability.

Please do not get offended. If you would like to bash my trading style because of my Drawdowns, or because I keep my trades private, then please PM me for the comments, because I am not interested in vouching for my trading style.


And yes - you have very successfully and convincingly displayed your trading ability to everyone. Or should I say trading disability. You have also shown what a hypocrite you are by your own admission (in the above post) of keeping everything private. For all the harping you have been doing about so called 'transparency' everything in your account is hidden here - ( )

Let me quote back to you from the above post which you've made using one of your old accounts here :

'Since you commented to my post, you have put yourself on the chopping block.'

Now, here's the 1st post you made on my thread whilst I was peacefully minding my own business :

forexma posted:
It's called: Eat like a bird, poop like an elephant.

grin - And once a Villain always a Villain. Hope and Hold, perfect Stats, until meltdown and similar attitude.... I'd say its the same fella who offered to show his Trading Strategy Live, if I flew out to Chicago. But, whether who is who..... The trading concept still proves us right and the Account managers wrong.... I'd bet a Pip that we never see an update....


Unfortunately for you, you picked on the wrong guy this time !

So let me quote back to you once again from your own post:

'Once a villain always a villain'. And that's exactly what you are and what you always will be.

The irony of this whole thing is, if you hadn't made that 1st BS post on my thread, I wouldn't have checked you out and you would never have got caught and been exposed by me for your fraudulent behaviour on this forum.

Let me make something very clear to you. For as long as YOU continue to post your BS on my thread using any of your multiple identities, I will keep on responding, to constantly remind the community here, especially the new members who join, what a FRAUD you are.

Remember that it has been medically proven that people like you who are full of hate and bitterness are prone to disease, especially cancer.

At least now try and work on becoming a decent human being. At least then you might have some hope in finding some success and making it as a trader or any other profession you choose if you continue to be a miserable failure as a trader.

P.S : If you continue to use your 'other' identity.. the BIG one..or if you continue to make BS posts here, I will have absolutely no choice but to come out with the rest of what I have discovered. And you know my style of exposing only with FACTS. Consider that a life-line... I will show you some mercy.


Membre depuis Sep 14, 2009  87 messages Join and Enjoy Thousands of Effort Free Pips (moneybotfx) Jul 07 2011 at 18:46
You are really straggling for more than 6 months to make any profit...Not good!!
You keep positions and equity open DD too long at the same time...Not good!
You have a negative number of pips generated after so many months...Not good!
You hide history (and capital) in a managed service account! Not good!

......You must redefine your strategy and efforts I am afraid..

Wise discuss Ideas, Average comment on events, Silly gossip Others

Membre depuis Jan 28, 2010  257 messages rfx (ranesh) Jul 07 2011 at 19:44 (édité à Jul 07 2011 at 20:02 )

moneybotfx posted:
    You are really straggling for more than 6 months to make any profit...Not good!!
You keep positions and equity open DD too long at the same time...Not good!
You have a negative number of pips generated after so many months...Not good!
You hide history (and capital) in a managed service account! Not good!

......You must redefine your strategy and efforts I am afraid..

Piss off Will Scharrand aka forexscam aka moneybotfx the serial managed account blower.... the entire community here knows about your multiple identities.

Oh here's one of the many managed accounts blown by him (this was not on myfxbook by the way) :

You are just a wannabe trader and a wannabe money manager who is only good at blowing up other people's money. Go get yourself a day job.

In the meantime stop behaving like a typical 28 year old brat straight out of college that you are !! Normal people graduate from College by the time they're 21... oh but then again I forgot that you repeatedly claim to be a 'professional trader' in the link above, who has been trading since 2006.... hmmm... 5yrs and a successful serial account blower... that explains why you probably needed that long to get through the degree you claim to have obtained !! Maybe in a few more years you might be able to trade to at least break even without blowing up accounts in a month or less.


Membre depuis Jan 28, 2010  257 messages rfx (ranesh) Jul 09 2011 at 06:49 (édité à Jul 09 2011 at 07:18 )
See why I say moneybotfx is a scammer :,1

By the way, the account he uses to sell his signal service to others is a demo account. ( ) He doesn't even trust his own signalling account to trade real money of his own with it. Or else even if the 'Rent A Signal' website only allows demo accounts It's easy to sell signals and offer commercial trading products/services when one's own money is not at risk.... the only ones who lose in the end will be others who he successfully hoodwinks/scams.

Here's a screenshot of his real accounts that I added to my watch-list sometime yesterday. See the change in less than 1 day of trading. Pay attention to the last one. A loss of 11.48% in less than a day. A few more days with losses like that ... and poof... the account will be blown.

<a href='' target='_blank'><img src=''/></a>

23hrs ago when I made a post on the thread related to that last account shown above, (,1 ) the gain was at 34.74% (as mentioned in my post in that thread) and now it is at 20.9%. Loss of 13.84% in less than a day. If that's not HIGH risk then I don't know what is. And he falsely claims that his trading is VERY LOW risk trading.... just to scam naive people by misrepresenting the inherent risk involved.

This is what happens to the accounts of all the big talkers here who go around attacking everyone else. We have seen this happening over and over and over again. If you're new around here, just click on the above link and read my last post there.

I will not bother wasting anymore of my time talking about this scammer.
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Membre depuis Jan 28, 2010  257 messages rfx (ranesh) Jul 09 2011 at 09:12 (édité à Jul 09 2011 at 09:34 )
I'm sorry I missed another vital bit of detail about the said account in the previous post.

The following comment quoted below is from his thread here : (,1 )

moneybotfx posted:

It must loose almost 100.000 pips to blow account...

Now... note that he has lost 13.84% of the said account for a nett piploss of only 715.5pips in less than 1 day.

If according to him to lose 100% of his equity (ie: to blow the account) it needs 100,000pips then to lose 13.84% he should have actually lost 13,840pips.

BUT based on facts obtained from the stats, if 13.84% translates to a loss of ONLY 715.5pips then to blow the account it would take a loss of ONLY 5,166pips and NOT 100,000pips as falsely claimed by him. In other words, the risk is almost 20times more than what he claims.

Take a look at his 'Risk of Ruin' below. You will see that there is a 99.99% probability of loss across all percentage categories. I think that alone says a lot about the real risk involved which is probably why he attempts to misrepresent it in every possible way by saying otherwise.

<a href='' target='_blank'><img src=''/></a>

Everything he has claimed so far about his trading and the inherent risks involved are nothing but lies to simply hoodwink and scam naive people.

Everything I have stated here are facts based on the stats extracted from his account here.

If you were to check the history of his posts on myfxbook, you will realize what his true intentions are behind attacking so many others.

I think that's all I would like to add. Thanks for reading. If my posts saves at least 1 person from being scammed by moneybotfx, then the objective is met. Although I believe there'll be quite a few people who will now stay away as a result of being correctly informed.

Have a nice weekend.


Membre depuis Jan 28, 2010  257 messages rfx (ranesh) Jul 09 2011 at 10:13 (édité à Jul 09 2011 at 10:23 )
I stand corrected 'only' about the risk of ruin attached above. I did not realize I was looking at the filtered results of stats of only yesterday's trades when I did a screenshot of the risk of ruin.

Risk of Ruin based on entire history of the said account is below :

<a href='' target='_blank'><img src=''/></a>

This however does not change everything else that has been stated about moneybotfx, the real risks involved and the intent to scam through deliberate misrepresentation of risks involved. If you take the time to analyze the chart of the said account you will see that there are several days where losses are in excess of 10% for the day. So basically there is a very high probability of this repeating in the future and very likely to eventually blow the account.
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Membre depuis Jan 28, 2010  257 messages rfx (ranesh) Jul 10 2011 at 08:06
test post.


Membre depuis Jan 28, 2010  257 messages rfx (ranesh) Jul 14 2011 at 05:44 (édité à Jul 14 2011 at 05:59 )
<a href='' target='_blank'><img src=''/></a>


31Mar close : 3.41%
1Apr close : -9.28%
Nett loss for the day : 12.69%


6Apr close : 16.37%
7Apr close : 6.66%
Nett loss for the day : 9.71%


18Apr close : 26.15%
19Apr close : 19.53%
20Apr close : 6.85% (nett loss for the day : 12.68%)
21Apr close : 0.63%
Nett loss in 3 trading days : 25.52%

4.& 5.

1May close : 9.17%
2May close : -2.61% (Nett loss for the day : 11.78%)
3May close : -7.83%
4May close : -15.24%
Nett loss in 3 trading days : 24.41%


12May close : 20.11%
19May close : 7.83%
Nett loss in 7 trading days : 12.28%


6Jun close : 20.29%
9Jun close : 5.42%
Nett loss in 3 trading days : 14.87%


7Jun close : 34.74%
8Jun close : 20.9% (nett loss for the day : 13.84%)
13Jun close : -7.3%
Nett loss in 6 trading days : 42.04%


Here's a screenshot of his accounts on my watch-list as at today (14July):

<a href='' target='_blank'><img src=''/></a>

Here's the screenshot of the same list I posted a few posts above on 9July :

<a href='' target='_blank'><img src=''/></a>

4 of the 5 accounts show drastic losses in just these past 5days.Do they look like ULTRA-LOW-RISK systems to you which need thousands of pips just for a small loss as he claims they are ?

Here's a screenshot which shows the 'risk of ruin' of acc#4 in the watchlist. Notice the drastic change in the risk of ruin figures since my last post above :

<a href='' target='_blank'><img src=''/></a>

This account is located here -

Very similar 'risk of ruin' for acc#3 in the watchlist above as well -

<a href='' target='_blank'><img src=''/></a>

This account is located here

You can view the 'risk of ruin' related to the remaining accounts as well.

Now check this out :

moneybotfx posted: moneybotfx posted:

I don't offer managed accounts currently. I never did so far.

.. the next post :

I never said that I will not have a commercial interest in the future about the trading systems and technology..


In the above quoted posts he made on 9July he categorically says that he doesn't manage accounts and then goes on to say thereafter, that it does not mean that he will not be offering managed accounts in the FUTURE.

In other words what he is clearly saying is... at the present time he has NO intention of managing accounts. But in the FUTURE he might do so.

I have just quoted the excerpts above.

You will find the complete posts here -,1

Now read this post he made on <b>18JUNE..</b> LONG before his claims above that he 'might' be offering managed accounts ONLY in the FUTURE.

Here's the post he made in this thread -,1#?pt=2&p=14&o=105709

(it's the 1st post on page 14)


PS* EDIT--> Sorry, this was for another request of pooled - client accounts but posted here.
There is not forward test track record yet, but I ASSURE you that systems have been verified with 11+ years of back testing and are trading pretty much the same on live and forward testing. Every single year is profitable on every system, averaging over 100% and 1-2 months on the negative side.

For a 7 digits pool account having set risk on half for a conservative approach, will very rare see a DD of more than 10%, with 2-5% been normal as is the equity above balance...Worst case would be 20%.(For Combo System).

You can mix 2 systems as well by minimizing the risk on each..

Have my systems on your watch list and even if you don't choose them now, you may well use them in the future as diversification with the profits(hopefully) from other strategies.

If your clients - relatives can open accounts with non-US brokers, then my HIGH FREQUENCY long term tested auto systems with manual overlooking might be of interest to you. After great investment in money, time and technology and multiple efforts, we have created well balanced portfolios with different strategies that work in every condition as they aggregate soon or later their profitability.

Systems have recently have live accounts and will soon get more accounts and bigger deposits. Systems are closed for the general public and will only accept a limited and controlled trading capital in order to ensure long term profitability with minimum market impact.

Systems trade at different price levels most of the times, in a similar fashion with big banks and hedge funds do. You are the first to actually make an open proposal, besides friends and relatives..

A well known and tested MT4 account copier will be given to you to be installed at the agreed accounts.

3 main systems are available.

A Long Term market position strategy with 21 pairs,

A swing strategy of medium holding period of 2 variations (manual intervention and full

auto) with majors.

An intra-day quick profiteer trend follower with EUR-GBP-USD symbols. It is an aggregation of most liquid pairs of older systems, so actual forward history goes beyond what you see.

PM for details.


Pay close attention to para2 in his post above where he talks about the drawdown. Now look at the actual drawdown incurred and the stats I've shown above.

It is clearly evident that moneybotfx is a complete pack of lies whose intention here is to misrepresent the risks involved in his HIGH RISK trading systems and thereby entice naive people to entrust their accounts to him. And to achieve that... he seems to be of the opinion that attacking everyone else here is the way to do it. Unfortunately for him his scamming ways have already been exposed.

I don't understand why those who offer managed accounts, EA's & Signals feel that it is necessary to go around attacking everyone else here as a means of soliciting new business. Almost always it is such people who turn out to be con-artists, scammers, and account-blowers as I have time and time again proven by exposing such individuals who attack everyone else.

Yet there are others like Winsor who demonstrate good ethics by refraining from 'initiating' attacks on others to further their business. Unfortunately 'ethics' is a word that many don't seem to have in their vocabulary these days.

Thank you for reading.
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