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AAFX Trading évaluation

Score total : 4.3 / 5

Total des votes : 85
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Discussion au sujet de AAFX Trading

Nov 12 2020 at 20:42
1 messages
An ordinary company with pros and cons. There are MT4 and MT5, demo, fixed spreads. But there are no passive trading types and only up to 35% bonuses.

Nov 25 2020 at 14:31
3 messages
Brokerage with the highest leverage I've ever seen and at first I was afraid, but when I tried, I realized that possibilities justify the risks. All you need is just to be good in risk management and never let your hazzard to overcome your clear reasoning.

Dec 17 2020 at 19:22
2 messages
When I opened a Fixed account with the broker, I didn’t expect a lot from this company, but after a month with this broker my impression of it was mostly positive. Despite, it doesn’t provide anything special except for its 1:2000 leverage, I like that it’s reliable enough. It doesn’t cheat me and I can withdraw my money within an hour.
As for its withdrawable bonuses, I haven’t tried it because I dislike strict requirements that are inevitable each time you decide to deposit your account this way. I prefer not to use any bonuses because they restrict my freedom.

Jan 05 at 19:54
1 messages
The only strong advantage of this brokerage is 1:2000 leverage, in other regards that's typicall brokerage that offer a typicall conditions. I don't mean that's bad, but I just mean that this brokerage is a kind of a typical one. However, if you wanna try high-leveraged trading, that's almost the only one brokerage to offer such a high one. I'm trading 3 years with it already and I'm okey with it, but I'm using the maximum possible leverage.

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