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Discussion InstaForex

posts 33
Terus aja di Insta Masbro... ngikutin trader2 lain aja...
posts 3
Boleh yak pake bahasa Indonesia?

Gw baru buka sama Insta...Moga aja lancar jaya. Kalo nggak lancar. Ya tarik dana, trus pindahin...Heu
Jampe dagang mah; Keur rugi sabar, pas untung syukur.
posts 10
Insta mantap,
kalau masalah requote memang sering terjadi tapi saya rasa semua broker juga begitu
jadi mau trading di mana aja pasti ada plus minusnya

withdraw atau deposit cuma itungan dalam 1 jam, pernah paling cepat 30 mnt, paling lama 3 jam

Sapa yg mau cepat deposit atau widraw cepat di insta forex ? PM mee
a little profit now, and will become a huge profit later
posts 6
Fix Spread..
Fast Withdrawal.Instant Liberty Reserve Method..
Nice Customer Service.
Average Customer Case Solution..
Fast Order..But,,Many Requote :)
Keep Learn, Learn & Learn
posts 1
belum nemu lagi broker sebagus instaforex.
witdraw lancar
posts 3
so far so good using EA
posts 35
В основном работаю именно с этим брокером. Все устраивает. Если возникают какие-то неясности, служба поддержки всегда помогает.
posts 1
saya sudah 1 tahun trading di broker ini dan belum pernah bermasalah dengan WD
kalau masalah requote memang sering terjadi tapi saya rasa semua broker juga begitu
jadi mau trading di mana aja pasti ada plus minusnya
posts 10
i've been trading around 8 years...among all the brokers that i've tried, i'm still stuck with instaforex. i wonder why. 😁
MM,Consistency n everything will be fine as long as u can control ure EMOTION...
posts 14
Работаю с инстой 2 года, проблем не возникало, поддержка на должном уровне. Один пока минус не всегда быстро открываются и закрываются ордера, поэтому предпочтительней работать отложенниками. Ну а в целом все на должном уровне, перешел к ним от другого брокера и не разу не пожалел. Моя оценка: 9.3 из 10 😎
posts 423

Anyone has bad experience with this broker? Please shout here.

posts 1916

stevetrade posted:
    MT4 broker requotes are sometimes a sign that the broker is using the broker side plugin to interfere with your trading.
They won't fix it as it is them that are doing it in the first place.

do you know a brooker who does not requote time to time?
posts 1
Hi there! I'm a big fun of insta and one of the oldest clients, just love this broker, never faced any problem in withdrawing my money. Insta is really the one you may search for, and with the introduction of the new MT5 platfrom, I think they can achieve the first position in the world of Forex brokers soon.
posts 103
I've been using since Sept 2010. So far so good. Visited their office and personally knew the people work there.
Called me if they have problem. I'm fully satisfied with them as at today (April 2011).
Hantam la labuuu. Harap rezeki kat FX nih...
posts 45
Currently i try it with a Cent Account for now 3 week's, it's ok for the moment.
Let's see on long term....
posts 3
В инсте торгую недавно ,но впечатления только положительные.
posts 8
Will Schaarrand
posts 219

Insta is an Insta headache.

Their infrastructure and PAMM setup is Great. but their a dishonest broker that requotes 24/7, servers fail at Economic news releases and Customer service will give you the run around.

Large IB program so there are many promoters hyping up this broker.

The comment above, Does help.. Increase the Deviation so you can get slippage on your trades and use SCRIPTS or HOTKEYS instead of the ORDER WINDOW to improve execution. Its the only way to use this broker, if you Choose to.

posts 1

dendee posted:
    Hi all....
i've been 3 years using this broker....i don't have many problem with them...Deposit & Withdawal proccess are good.
But the ony problem insta oftenly requotes...Hopefully insta will fix it soon...


Hi Dinxdinx,

did you try change maximum deviation from quoted price? If you have O pips - requotation happens offten in fast movement. Try to change it from 0 to 2-3 pips, it helps me.

P.S.: I am satisfied with InstaForex, in all ways...
posts 34
Thanks for the info steve, i never know about this. It will be usefull for me to choose good broker to support my trading style....
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