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Discussion Signal Start

May 17 2017 at 06:15
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It actually is better than others, if the lot sets properly.

May 16 2017 at 07:05
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May 16 2017 at 06:59
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I just started, I need more time

May 14 2017 at 07:37
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May 11 2017 at 12:57
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Your additional charge of $25 for each signal is too much. prohibitive. Your competitor MQL5 does not charge clients but only percentage of subscription.

May 11 2017 at 07:15
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Ethan (Staff)
May 10 2017 at 08:38
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@Murray777 As we work closely with Signal Start, I would like to clarify a few points:

- All Signal Start signals are verified by default since accounts are connected with the investor password, meaning data is coming directly from the trading account (this is actually Myfxbook's technology).
- Signal Start is a BVI registered company.
- Payments are processed by Gate2Shop which are a major payment processing service.
- Support responds to every email in a timely manner. As always, check your spam folder in case your email provider marked some emails as spam.
- Signal Start is a technology provider and does not filter out signals (unlike our AutoTrade service) which allow any signal provider to list his/her signal for a subscription fee. Of course, it is up to the follower to decide which system suits his/her risk appetite (same goes with AutoTrade).

May 09 2017 at 06:24
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Have a lot of things to get it better...

May 07 2017 at 07:22
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May 07 2017 at 07:04
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Ok, I already gave a brief opinion when they asked for it, but I did some more thinking.

First of all, I've been doing Forex with moderate success for about 5 years. I'm absolutely not an expert and not a professional, but I went through a lot of research, learning and I think I have a fair understanding of how the Forex market works.

I looked at trade copying for a way to complement my Forex earnings, not to replace them and Signal Start seemed good to me at first.

That being said, investors must understand one thing: trade copying is not a way of making easy money if you are completely new to Forex. Neither on Signal Start nor anywhere else. You must know how everything works, the terms, and what to look for in a signal. You must fully understand what your are doing, otherwise you will surely lose money because you were so excited by huge number.

On Signal Start things are very strange indeed. Much has been said in this thread about the rating system on the site, and how much those signals smell iffy. Does anyone believe that a trader can make more than 7800% in just over one month? Or 22 MILLION % in 2 years? This guy must be a multi-millionaire by now, so why does he need a couple of dozen people paying him USD75 a month?

Why isn't' this ranking manually verified? Why is there is no obligation for signal providers to have a verified MyFxbook page for their signals (not even considering that those could be also faked)?

Has anyone noticed that most signals have a monthly performance chart like the one above? Super gains in the beginning (to attract new subscribers) and then abysmal performance. By then he already made good money from the subscribers and he can start a new one (maybe with a new Profile?) and do it all over again. Lather, rinse, repeat.

So, either Signal Start are being omissive by not doing anything or they are turning a blind eye for the great money flow that comes from innocent investors paying the monthly fees and the cut they get from the signal providers. Either way, this is very serious.

One other thing, and this is extremely important in any form of Forex trading, including signal copying: NEVER enter a trade with NO STOP LOSS! Sure, without a stop loss you have more time for everything to recover if things go south, but at the same time you can lose all your profit or even blow your account in a matter of minutes. Remember a few days ago when Theresa May suddenly called for a new election? That wasn’t even a planned speech. If you were on the wrong side of the trade without a stop loss, there go both your 'easily' and hard earned money!

Only a few providers state on their signal descriptions that they always put on a stop loss, but in reality not always. Check their history to see if what they say is true.

Maybe a way to communicate with the signal providers would solve that? Asking them why they are behaving the way they are and looking at the answers would be of great help in selecting one.

And it’s also very expensive. Investors with small accounts (around USD1000) are not likely to recover what they pay every month, at least not without increasing their risk significantly. Other systems charge only for the signals, not a subscription fee on the account. Some of them only charge the signal providers a cut of their profit, which is a great way to encourage the signal providers to put a real effort. Why should they now, if it’s so easy to make money.

All that being said, I’m not saying all signal providers are evil scammers. There could be some genuinely well intentioned providers here, but they are as human as us, and they can fail from time to time. Again, an extremely successful trader would never have the need for a few hundred dollars every month, but someone with a modest gain could profit modestly from that, to help pay the bills or to get that new car. If both the trader and the investor make a couple hundred (or even thousand) dollars every month, that sounds reasonable to me. Don’t expect you will ever become rich with this.

I also agree, as mentioned by numerous others, that support is terrible, slow and sometimes messages are not even replied.

And it’s also very expensive. Some people with small accounts (around USD1000) are not likely to even recover what they pay every month. Other systems charge only

A few more red flags about the service in general: No company name, no phone contact, no physical address anywhere on the site. Where is this company located? When my credit card gets charged, it comes from Cyprus. Is it registered there or is it just their bank account? Is it regulated? Is there an official government agency you can complain to if things go wrong?

So, I’m giving up on them, and probably on signal copying itself. I cannot remotely recommend this service for now. That could change if they become more transparent and listen to their customers.

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