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Best time frame to trade

Feb 05 at 06:22
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In order to choose a perfect time frame, traders should work on identifying what their preferred trading style is. Like I usually go with shorter time frames and I like to monitor my trades. I’m also very careful and selective when it comes to broker preference. There are so many out there from Cmc markets, Xm to Alpari and Fxview. It is a difficult choice a trader has to make.

Feb 05 at 06:35
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irkedduff posted:
Ramierez posted:
I prefer using the daily timeframe because its the perfect platform for trading where many trades range from beginners to professional traders. Some prefer higher time frames, but it mostly depends on trading style.

 Yes, using daily timeframes is something I also prefer. Smaller time frames are really useful for timing entries. But again it all depends on the trader.

That is completely okay and you can stick with daily time frames if they suit you well.

Feb 05 at 08:02
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I think it is possible to catch the right move by trading in a daily timeframe. Many professional traders trade in daily timeframes.