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Dec 09 2020 at 06:40
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I think the broker is a fake broker. If not than the problem is yours. You may do some inappropriate things with the account.

Dec 09 2020 at 08:07
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Dec 17 2020 at 06:51
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Aurisida posted:
If you choose an unreliable broker, then as a result, you will simply waste time and money.

Yeah, That's why they say its important to always do a detailed research before choosing a broker even if takes long.

Dec 29 2020 at 12:16
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Reasons may be different - for example, the use of robots, if they are prohibited.
And this needs to be understood.
But, in any situation, if you trust the company - you can always communicate with managers and try to solve any issue quietly.

Dec 30 2020 at 08:52
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Each case has its own nuances, why did this happen, but in any case, if you work with good brokers, can you always solve this problem?

Jan 07 at 08:56
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I think this differs from broker to broker depending upon how they function and what decision they take. They might have their reasons.