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Jun 14 2018 at 06:12
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OnlyLiveTrades posted:

How is the CPU usage compared to windows? I heard MT4 is more taxing on the CPU when running wine.

Also do you use KVM or OPENVZ emulation?


Windows has always been more unresponsive than Linux, even Linux + wine. One vps instance (OVH or Hetzner) can run 3 mt4 and still be much more responsive than Windows have ever been.

KVM/OPENVZ: I run whatever system used by the providers.

Jun 14 2018 at 12:10
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I suggest setting wine up on your desktop PC first then transfer the whole prefix32 directory to the vps.

Also install x11vnc and fluxbox on the vps to run the graphical userface.

Nov 20 2020 at 01:32
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I finally ventured in Linux.
setup ubuntu and Xfce.
How to setup so that MT4 is restarted when Linux VPS reboot?

Also it seems each MT4 uses 100K of RAM in Linux which is much more than Windows (40K).