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Super Scalper (by Aquarius)

Jonny (jonnyrich007)
Apr 15 2011 at 03:46
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Kamishima posted:
    That man name is not Dominic, it Dariusz Makowiecki , the biggest scammer on myfxbook.

Dominic is not his real name and neither is the new name he made up for himself. He likes to parade around as someone else defending the EA or act like his other alias has stolen his EA. He is a piece of work and there is nothing fascinating about closing a trade after a certain period of time and there is nothing even remotely interesting about Dominic's insanity or crookedness. And know this, 'arbitrage' cannot be taken advantage of via scalping in the forex realm. It cannot be done so don't even fantasize about it. Nobody knows what the 'correct' price is or should be at any moment. That's why.

Jonny (jonnyrich007)
Apr 15 2011 at 04:15
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Unless you have written a few EAs yourself and know what it actually involves, none of those programmers in their right intelligent mind would ever step up and talk about copyright infringement on their EAs. That idea is ludicrous. Why? Because there is not one single unique line of code, not one single unique strategy, and not one single shred of original line of code anywhere. In fact, MetaQuotes owns them all in reality. And even the FAPTurbo guys crying over someone ripping off their EA was BS-ing as well since their own EA is nothing new or original. Asia session scalp is new? Did they write up anything original or new? Or did they re-do an existing EA that they found for free on a forum? That's what happened there. There is no unique indicator or a strategy in existence. Fact, best EAs are kept private and they are not sold on ClickBank for $34 and they certainly won't be peddled for $2000 without a refund. 'Dominic' running around forums and talking about someone ripping off his EA was the biggest laugh I have ever had on forex forums. And how come newbies still go to ForexPeaceArmy anyway? Do they still not realize that they are crooks themselves?