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Tom'sEa WPFX LIVE (By TomsEaWPFXlive )



fughe (fughe)
Oct 03 2013 at 22:52
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I have seen it come too close to a massive stoploss too many times. To me, the risk is far too large for the reward.

Make losses, but always come out a winner at the end.
ForexCure (ForexCure)
Oct 04 2013 at 03:12
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This is for Tradydave. There are 2 ways to make Tom's EA work profitably. Use MT4i's Personal Trade Copier to block orders smaller than 6X (or whatever you like). If you go for real $$, just make sure your Broker's Demo server and Real server are 'close' network-wise. I can confirm Alpari and IamFX are for sure - (else, the delay may miss new orders or fail to close open orders) You have to monitor the cut off value (ie., lots size) because it changes with Equity value and you might inadvertently let a 3X or worse, a 1X order pass through. Post it to MyFXBook and adjust the Multiplier value to get around 10% a month. Remember. this will Triple your money in 1 year. Patience always wins! I have blown too much $$ in the last 24 months by being greedy. Always have a big cushion of equity!

The second way is an EA I paid to get developed. I am still testing, but it 'virtualizes' the 1X or 3X or whateverX sized orders and only actually trades the higherX orders - without a trade copier! I posted it for viewing by all here: . That one trades 3X and larger orders. An external variable lets you adjust the Risk just like TEA, but has a new variable called 'multiplier' to set the cutoff (setting '1' eliminates all 1X, setting '3' eliminates all 3X and 1X, setting '6' only lets 9X and larger through). If you want a copy, just help me recover a little of the developement costs, say $15. Fair? There is no authentication required of course. Maybe we can start a new thread and share our forward tests.

Comments, anyone?

Waant aal, lose aal, man...
Oct 04 2013 at 17:55
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fughe (fughe)
Oct 04 2013 at 18:31
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grhfor posted:
Do you take PayPal?

Hehehehe!! You can send me all the money you want! 😁

Make losses, but always come out a winner at the end.
Oct 04 2013 at 20:13
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Hey Drew,

Thank you for your answer.
It's good to know that you still believe in TEA and your personnal investment in that test is appreciated.

I'm interested in taking the test of that new EA and participate to a new thread dedicated to it.

The key is to establish the good Risk / number of pairs that work at the same time on the same account / min balance required.
What do you think ?

Let me know how you'd like me to transfer you the USD15.

I have a few questions for you :
- Is your EA to put on top of TEA (on another MT4) or a standalone that does it all ?
- What about the real DD in your experiments so far ?
- Do you think possible to start with 10k balance safely with that method ?
- How many pairs should be working at the same time in your approach ? and what type of pairs ? (small ADR or trending)

Looking forward to do that with you guys !

ForexCure (ForexCure)
Oct 05 2013 at 02:37
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Hey people. Please bear with me. It looks like 5 or so of you want a copy of this new EA.

But I did not have a manual, Thus, I am writing a 1 page sheet to explain the new multiplier
filter varible and some suggestions for no. of pairs to use vs Equity.

It should be ready this weekend in time fro market open....


Waant aal, lose aal, man...
ForexCure (ForexCure)
Oct 05 2013 at 02:41
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In the meantime those interested please send the $15USD to PayPal via the email:


as well as the email where you wish to receive a copy of the EA. If not given I will
assume it's the same as your PayPal email.


Waant aal, lose aal, man...
Oct 05 2013 at 10:45
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Hi Are you selling this EA at $150 ? I thought it is approx $2000 ?

ForexCure (ForexCure)
Oct 05 2013 at 14:11
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haha, this is neither Tom's EA nor a commercial product nor $150.

Please read a few or several posts earlier; it's a personally developed EA that
can filter out the lower level orders 1X or 1X and 3X or 1X,3X and 6X, etc.

It's called Forex Cure EA (v0.9) and is not intended as a commercial product.
I only charge $15 and this is to help pay for my development costs and cheap
enough to get into the hands of people try out.

I have attached a short explanation and variables settings sheet which
should help one understand the philosophy and motivation for such an EA.



Waant aal, lose aal, man...
Oct 05 2013 at 21:13
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Thanks for your clarification.

I would be interested in this offer, very cheap $15 only, do I need to provide my account number, how can I use license on my live account ?