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0 spread low commission broker.

May 06 at 15:42
308 ieraksti
SolidECN provides market raw spread (zero) and the commission is only $3.

Solid ECN, a True ECN Broker
May 16 at 08:10
32 ieraksti
There is nothing like 0 commission i believe, it only adds up to your spreads that’s why my approach is to find a broker with low commission & thin spreads, something like fxview, tickmill and many more.
May 16 at 21:17
13 ieraksti
i agree with you that it's quite crucial to find either low commission broker or a broker with 0 spreads. try to pay attention to the brokers with fixed spreads, floating spreads serve for scalpers and swing traders, while fixed ones are suitable for new traders and those ones who don't wanna care about checking the news permanently, expecting the widening of these spreads.
May 18 at 07:39
42 ieraksti
Try ICM or FP Markets raw account, the spreads are tighter averaging around 0.3 pips for most parts of the day, and the commission cost per round lot is $6 in FP Markets and $8 in ICM.
May 20 at 09:37
45 ieraksti
Zero spreads can’t be achieved all the time. If you trade with an ECN broker, then the spreads would generally remain on the lower side and may get zero in certain market conditions. So, it will be very hard to find a zero-spread broker because nobody can guarantee zero spreads. As far as the commission fee is concerned, then that’s also low with ECN brokers.
May 20 at 09:44
34 ieraksti
I’ve been trading forex for a long time, but haven’t come across zero-spread brokers. I also haven’t tried to find one because I know it is not possible. I’m content with low spreads because as a trader, I have to stay in the reality.
May 31 at 13:26
72 ieraksti
I’m fine as long as the spreads are narrow. As far as the commission goes, the lowest I’ve come across so far is on coinexx, $2/lot rt.
Jun 01 at 10:24
41 ieraksti
I have been trading for a year and from my experience, the brokers with 0 spreads are ICM, Avatrade, and FP Markets. The spreads mostly began at 0.0pips in FP markets when trading with EURUSD currency pairs.
Jun 03 at 07:30
32 ieraksti
In my opinion, the lowest commission brokers are Global Prime, Skilling, and FP Markets, the commission cost per turn lot is $7 in GP and Skilling, whereas in FP Markets it is $6 per turn lot with spreads starting from 0.0 pips in most parts of the trade.
Jun 13 at 10:05
21 ieraksti
If a broker is offering zero spread, they will cover the costs by increasing the commission rate. So, you better go for a broker with transparent pricing structure. It’s better than being surprised by hidden costs later.
Jun 13 at 10:09
21 ieraksti
Zero spreads can be possible only on major currency pairs and that too during high volatility. But as not many traders are comfortable with trading in a highly volatile market, you may hardly get zero spreads. Instead, look for narrow spreads and low commissions.
Jun 27 at 09:44
34 ieraksti
Zero spreads are not possible at all times, there are certain market conditions when spreads reach 0. I’m fine with the spreads offered by aaafx and avatrade. Commission is also on the lower side.
Jun 29 at 09:01
60 ieraksti
I can recommend brokers with spreads starting from as low as 0.0 pips, like FP Markets or ICM. The spreads are tighter than most ECN brokers' and the commission costs are also lower.

ICM has a commission cost of $8 per round lot and FP Markets has a commission cost of $6 per round lot.
Jul 12 at 13:18
17 ieraksti
Try ICM or FP Markets. They provide some of the tightest spreads, averaging at 0.1 to 0.3 pips, and the commission cost per round lot is $8 for ICM and $6 for FP Markets.
Jul 21 at 15:22
17 ieraksti
For lower spreads and commission costs, I recommend trading with FP Markets because it offers lower commission costs than other ECN brokers and when trading with EURUSD or other major pairs, the spreads start from 0.0pips with an execution speed of 80ms.
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