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Fundamental analysis vs technical analysis

Dec 19 2020 at 14:49
232 ieraksti
If you want to become successful in the forex market, you need both of them.

Jan 11 at 04:23
25 ieraksti
Yes, technical analysis is the best for this. Meanwhile, the news and announcements are bound to make some difference. That is something no one can ignore.

Feb 08 at 06:33
15 ieraksti
If using technical indicators of 4 hours works for you, then you should definitely keep doing that. Good luck to you.

Feb 18 at 05:47
102 ieraksti
Both hold their own important place in trading imo, depends what trading style and plan is a trader involved in.

Robert (Robert647373)
Feb 23 at 08:38
95 ieraksti
It will be best for you to master both types of market analysis. If used correctly in the complex, fundamental analysis and technical, your trading result will be at the highest level.

Feb 26 at 04:03
16 ieraksti
For me, both technical and fundamental analysis are equally important for trading successfully.

Mar 01 at 08:19
35 ieraksti
I also believe that technicals and fundamentals both play an important role in planning your trades. I also consider the sentiment of the market before planning my trades.

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