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PAMM recommendation

Sep 16 2016 at 06:32
4 ieraksti
Maybe this might interest all of you who look for consistency:

p.s.: I`m moving to another broker as current one terminates EU PAMMs till the end of this month.

There is no great genius without a mixture of madness. / Money can not make you happy, but happiness can make you money.
Alpha PAMM
Sep 22 2016 at 13:59
1 ieraksti
Fellow Traders (

This might be of interest for you all. I am the founder of Alpha PAMM. We are the leading, best performing and reputable PAMM provider out there.

Here at Alpha we are a PAMM account management provider specializing in foreign exchange trading. Founded in March 2016 with many years prior investing experience from our highly talented team. We work hard on maximizing profits as if you don't make money, neither do we. We believe this is the best approach, no hidden fees or admin charges.
we have spent years developing our trading strategies. Our strategies are low risk, ensuring that your funds are safe. We alter the risk levels and lot sizes based on the size of your account in order to grow your account in the most stable way possible.

We aim and strive to change people’s view of the industry and become the most reputable, transparent and best performing PAMM account provider on the net. We value our investors regardless of their investment size and like to make you feel part of the Alpha Community.


All of our accounts are verified by Myfxbook, a trusted third party verification site that lets you track your performance and statistics with ease.

Monthly Returns

At Alpha we aim to offer the most reliable and consistent monthly returns in the industry. We aim for 30%+ a month on your investment as a well as aiming to keep the draw-down to a minimum.

Investment Sizes

Our minimum investment size is $500. However we recommend investing at least $1,000+ in order to generate a healthy monthly return. We operate on a 30% profit share.

You can find us at

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