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Demo can not make you well experienced

Aug 14 at 03:22
258 ieraksti
to become successful from this trading place is a big deal , need a perfect money management including most powerful analyzing trading knowledge.
Aug 25 at 12:12
42 ieraksti
Although a demo account cannot provide you with well-trading experience, especially when it comes to monetary values, but it does allow you to put your training into practice in an environment that is similar to real life without putting your real money at risk.

Suradi (FXOday)
Aug 26 at 01:20
359 ieraksti
Seems there are many traders feel skeptical about demo accounts. In my experience, a demo account is useful to backtest a trading strategy, and expert advisors, this is still useful to learn to use a demo account, and we can trade real accounts while still performing a demo account.
Aug 26 at 04:55
132 ieraksti
Forex signal isn’t such an easy thing that you can generate it only utilizing technical tools rather geopolitical factors should be considered too.
Aug 26 at 08:00
30 ieraksti
It's a matter of actual realisation that a demo can't have the capability to make you perfect in trading. But to get the superior one, you must have to overcome the inferior steps. And the demo is like that. A demo just functions as the mirror of your self-confidence in the field of trading.
Aug 26 at 09:08
24 ieraksti
Demo trading is important, but no, it is not enough. Forex is a huge market, and it keeps on developing, which is why traders keep learning new strategies and skills to earn profit in their real accounts.
Aug 26 at 14:56
132 ieraksti
DoraWalletInvest posted:
Even though demo trading is not the same and it doesn't help you exprience your true emotions and reactions to market movements, I think it shouldn't be underestimated, it is a great way to test your knowledge.

However, make sure your strategy is proven. Use demo accounts to make a judgment over your strategy.
Aug 30 at 07:54
46 ieraksti
I don't believe so. In my experience, demos play an important role in learning and understanding trading.
Aug 30 at 08:07
18 ieraksti
Well, a demo can make you aware about fx but yes it cannot make you so well experienced , if you are starting you should start with a demo!
Aug 30 at 12:04
133 ieraksti
I don't think so because demo imo are very useful to learn how your platform works & useful for learning how to place trades.
Aug 31 at 10:54
30 ieraksti
It is true that demo alone cannot make you well experienced. Beginners need to take risk and trade live with lower costs to understand the live market.
Sep 02 at 09:59
53 ieraksti
ElijahM posted:
It is true that demo alone cannot make you well experienced. Beginners need to take risk and trade live with lower costs to understand the live market.
Yes, trading experience from a real account is counted more specifically, since strategies for real money develop differently than for virtual money.
Sep 05 at 07:03
24 ieraksti
It’s good for a trader to start with demo trading but for real trading experience, they will have to put their money at risk. Demo trading just shows how trading is done. To get familiar with the results, you will have to trade in the market.
Sep 05 at 08:03
18 ieraksti
Demo trading should be your first step after reading and obtaining basic market knowledge. But when it comes to actually learning how the market works and how you can make money, you must move to live trading. You must practice your trades with a small amount and make an informed decision over time.
Sep 23 at 12:03
11 ieraksti
A demo account cannot make you an experienced trader. But it can help to gain experience in trading. Experience comes with knowledge, daily market study, and with practice.
Letsgetrich (fakharrdp)
Sep 24 at 10:31
4 ieraksti
UweMoench posted:
Demo can not make you well experienced. No matter how much profit you make with demo. The real test begins when you start to trade with real money. When you trade with real money you get emotionally attached to it. When we are attached to anything, we tend to make mistakes. Demo can only help you to know the trading platform and test your strategy.
If you follow your system and trade the same balance your planning to put into real money you can gain expertise
Sep 27 at 10:40
10 ieraksti
Demo trading will help you to gain confidence in your knowledge and expertise. Demo trading aids in understanding the mechanism of the real time market and practise trading strategy on different time-frames without risking any money.
6 stundas atpakaļ
15 ieraksti
Demo accounts are truly helpful in helping a trader build a strategy. However, as a demo account does not involve the use of real money, it does not make traders feel the emotions involved when trading with real money as in a live account. As a result, their trading psychology does not get developed. It is thus better to read books specifically on trading psychology when a beginner is practising in a demo account.
6 stundas atpakaļ
10 ieraksti
Demo trading does give you some kind of experience but it is only a stimulation of the trading environment and cannot be counted as actual trading experience. Still it surely helps you to learn and develop your skills as a beginner.
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