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Demo is a big opportunity

Mar 03 at 08:17
24 ieraksti
I truly believe that demo trading is a great way of finding out whether a strategy is suitable for you or not. You can put your knowledge to the test without having to risk your money.

Chelsea Blacks (blackChelsea)
Mar 04 at 11:21
98 ieraksti
Demo trading can’t be ignored if you want to reduce the risk on your trades. It is not necessary that you are new to trading then only you should practise on demo trades. I still tune up my trading skills on demo accounts to enhance the forex trading skills.

Touraj Ostovari (TorajOstovari)
Mar 05 at 11:27
3 ieraksti
Demo trading is not same as real trading... in demo you can practice a lot but in real everything is different who is winner in demo not means would be winner in real too.

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