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Forex is Hobby ?

Apr 20 2020 at 07:07
36 ieraksti
Many start it as a hobby and end up in forex being their full time work. So yes, it can depend from trader to trader.

Apr 22 2020 at 15:22
615 ieraksti
We can start Forex in a proper way, if we want to be a professional. pips School is the first choice of learning and besides this demo account must which is mainly considered the foremost place to acquire real basic knowledge which is very supportive to kick off a live account in a proper way.

Apr 23 2020 at 06:00
11 ieraksti
Well. It should be a little bit more than just a hobby, you know. If it's just a hobby - you won't make any money.. Which is the point of the Forex. So for me it's not a full time job, but it's also not a hobby. It's something in between.

Apr 24 2020 at 15:30
615 ieraksti
Everything is uncertain in Forex market, so the newcomers always feel frustrated when trading. So before kickoff live account we have to make sure sufficient trading balance that can remove our frustration , otherwise it will be great difficult to survive in this volatile trading market.

Apr 25 2020 at 11:45
119 ieraksti
It all depends on how much a person is disposed to this work, although if you take it in the first place, then perhaps you can look at it as a hobby.

Apr 25 2020 at 19:32
364 ieraksti
Forex Market is volatile and there is every second is uncertain. So before start trading we have to be pre planned. Otherwise it causes a great loss when trading practically.

Jack Smith (GlobalScalper)
Apr 26 2020 at 17:02
52 ieraksti
Market Wizard (master800ve)
Apr 26 2020 at 23:29
30 ieraksti
Admoni posted:
Forex is not my hobby, I am spending here more than 12 hours in a day! In addition, in my live trading I’m following all of terms and conditions of a pro trader! But that’s doesn’t mean, here I am expecting any unrealistic profit! Right now my monthly target is round 10%, that means yearly target 120%, quite healthy yearly target!

It is a healthy target, keep it up and congratulations!

yippie kay yay mother f*****
May 01 2020 at 09:13
119 ieraksti
For some, this may really concern a hobby, but as a result, it seems to me, it can become a good job.

May 01 2020 at 13:35
10 ieraksti
Forex is so difficult that it cannot just be a hobby. It must be a full commitment otherwise you will never win

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