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lee42747 (lee42747)
Feb 21 2017 at 08:36
49 ieraksti
judexfx82 posted:
@Jay, yes am still on short gbp/usd this is because i have a trade on so am still on short.

Good for you, keep it up until the signs of reversal. It keep the bearish sentiment for now but does not seem oversold yet.

judexfx82 (judexfx82)
Feb 21 2017 at 15:23
15 ieraksti
Good day to everyone hope you all are doing great, new trend has been confirmed on gold based on 4hrs chart, SELL the commodity. Also remember not all trades are win win and don't forget to use SL/good money management.


gels4 (gels4)
Feb 21 2017 at 15:39
10 ieraksti
Good news today regarding these pairs?

gels4 (gels4)
Feb 21 2017 at 15:39
10 ieraksti
I did not trade with them right now but I would like to read about the winning experience of some of you regarding these pairs.

BaldoN (BaldoN)
Feb 23 2017 at 08:53
522 ieraksti
GBP/JPY - It looks like the sterling will lead here today and 141.60/70 seems potential target.

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