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Is math important for trading?

Oct 17 at 10:37
283 ieraksti
any aspects will be important in Forex trading, even insignificant, therefore absolutely everything cannot be ignored

Rachel (REB_FX)
Oct 17 at 16:19
50 ieraksti
UweMoench posted:
For being a good trader you do not need to be an expert in math. Basics knowledge of math will do the work. Learnt to read the market. Observe charts as much as possible. Do demo practice and apply what you are learning. Learn by doing experiments. Have a learning attitudes. You have to spend a lot of time in learning.

Hope not or I am a lost cause haha

Oct 20 at 16:43
13 ieraksti
Actually, basic knowledge in math of course is required in trading in order to calculate possible profit and possible losses. Moreover you have to calculate how much money from your deposit you should use for one deal. In my opinion, math is important in your life, not in trading. For trading you need just basic knowledge as I said. Nevertheless, if you like math and you're fond of learning math you can also try to calculate the possibility of your win or lose. However, these methods would better not be used, because it's so silly to calculate. You will just provide yourself with negative emotions in case of unpleasant consequences.

Oct 21 at 05:45
12 ieraksti
It depends on your approach to trading. If you employ algorithms or sophisticated quantitative models, then I'm sure you'd need to understand a lot of high-level math.

Whether you make money is another question. You could be very gifted at math and still blow up your account if you ignore the fundamental financial or economic factors in the markets and fail to manage risk appropriately.

Oct 21 at 06:12
18 ieraksti
yeah its important in terms of financial factors

Oct 21 at 08:02
11 ieraksti
Basic maths is definitely required.

Oct 21 at 08:43
499 ieraksti
As for me, this is a big plus for a trader. Such sciences are definitely worth understanding for a trader.

Oct 21 at 15:15
124 ieraksti
many aspects are useful in trading, and mathematics is no exception

Oct 27 at 04:16
57 ieraksti
Yes, forex demands trades to be good with mathematical skills. However, it doesn’t mean you require knowledge of advanced maths. Knowledge of percentages is essential.

There are mathematical formulas traders need to be well equipped in handling, such as how to calculate leverage, pips, profits, and margins. Knowledge of descriptive statistics and probability is necessary too.

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