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There is no easy way of learning

Mar 10 at 06:26
13 ieraksti
Yes, trading is a skill that requires time and determination to master. Not at all an easy task, I’d say.

Mar 10 at 07:39
100 ieraksti
there are so many ways of learning in online for newcomers just you have to find out which is more appropriate for you, as for learning you can choose pips school.

Mar 10 at 11:04
23 ieraksti
Yes, learning is a process and there are no shortcuts to it whatsoever.

Mar 10 at 11:31
52 ieraksti
Learning is indeed a continuous process and there will be some shortcut here and there, but it doesn't guarantee you any success.

Apr 11 at 17:22
222 ieraksti
arildbull posted:
Yes, learning is a process and there are no shortcuts to it whatsoever.

Most people think that forex is an easy thing.

Apr 12 at 07:59
24 ieraksti
Those who think that if they superficially study what Forex is, they can make money here, they are very deeply mistaken and disappointed.

Apr 12 at 13:25
412 ieraksti
@Meloisel You are right. But unfortunately many people think forex trading does not require deep understanding and it can be learned very quickly. Easy access to the online trading is one of the reasons of it.

Apr 13 at 10:10
106 ieraksti
Those who do this, as a result, do not receive anything, are disappointed, and blame anyone for everything, but not themselves.

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