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Who else has lost money by Forexringleader

massur (massur)
Jul 30 2012 at 22:16
23 ieraksti
I think you should report the matter to the competent authorities even if it seems difficult to catch them.

All EA do not work until proven otherwise on long time . Extreme manual scalping is only a modern form of onanism.
Aug 01 2012 at 08:55
556 ieraksti
Did you or your friend heard from them about this matter? Although rare, it is possible they are a genuine firm which had a rough patch.

Aug 07 2012 at 06:13
15 ieraksti
Hi James yes the client did hear back from them and told them that as they were new their 'system' still had a few bugs in it that needed to be straighten out! FXRingleader then wrote that they had now fixed those bugs and would be happy to connect the client to the new system in about 30days when they have ironed out all the bugs! for another $5000 grand I might add!....Its too bad that these people took peoples money in order to test their system... Once again they flatly refused to offer them any of the $5000 back.

So here we have a company that falsifies claims saying they will never blow up a clients account...etc etc and these guys do it in less then 3 weeks...and then they admit to their system having bugs and problems but will not refund money even though this was for their level five fully managed account.

Of course they have no contact numbers, only via messenger/skype and email... and no fixed address as they are probably two 19 years olds operating out of their moms kitchen....Looking at their web site they have a 'stock' photo up as their trading room which can be purchased from an Internet photo stock company.

So Please we need to take ForexRingleader off this site and officially name them as a SCAM company.

LK Wong
Aug 20 2012 at 18:50
71 ieraksti
Ouch, I'm sure it must have really hurt 'your friend'.

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