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Can you leave Forex Trading?

vontogr (togr)
Dec 16 2020 at 09:34
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ZINA67 posted:
I'm new on Forex and lost 6000... and I don't refill my deposits more.. I was ready to loose at the beginning.. I told to myself:' You will loose, you must pay for knowledge and experience'. But I stopped to jogging, Scandinavian walking..I stopped to read usual books and I read and watch about trading only .. I sleep very bad and cant sleep without sleeping pills.. And when I sleep - I dream only about Forex.. I think I am crashing my health... I think I must stop... I just still have money on my account and I loose them and increase their number again and cant finish still..... I think many traders live like that... But not everybody speak truth to...
 I hope I will find strengths to over it at last..
 This is a real depending for usual people, although it is a business, not a casino..... I think it is a business for professionals only, but very hard business..
 My friends.. A lot of you thinks the same, is
n't it?

Trade on cent account
You will feed your addiction but not los emuch.

Dec 16 2020 at 09:36
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Sep 08 at 08:03
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KenAdams posted:
I will never leave forex trading but yes it is okay to take break quite often.

Me too. It will be quite tough to leave this market.

Sep 09 at 08:02
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I think for someone like me who quit job to become a full time forex trader cant even think about leaving forex , I mean this is what gets me my cheese and ketchup.

Sep 09 at 12:16
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marindateal posted:
I think for someone like me who quit job to become a full time forex trader cant even think about leaving forex , I mean this is what gets me my cheese and ketchup.

Are you making money from Forex though? it is no good to give it all up if you are losing money every day

Sep 09 at 15:51
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Dictiony posted:
I think it is very difficult for a trader to leave Forex trading because there is always hope to make a profit. Although Forex is hard todo I would not want to leave it because I am here to make a profit. Forex can be risky if you want to be quick rick with it so always try to learn it and then make a profit. What do you think?

Forex trading is the toughest way to make easy money. It is extremely enticing as well. Thus, it is not easy for traders to quit. Thing is if a trader does not deal with it accordingly, he gets punished by this market mercilessly. He may not even never come back in trading. Thus, it is best to learn and prepare himself well before trading with live account.

Sep 09 at 15:55
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Youre addicted. Just like gambling, drugs or alcohol. You are not the mythical 0.0001% who they say 'make it'. Youre not special. Admit it. Thats the first step.

Forex is a minus-sum game, you must find another, even slightly healthier game. That's going to be stocks. Try to trade less, adjust your mentality to slow investing rather than gambling.

Sep 09 at 17:49
174 ieraksti
No need to leave if you're making regular money....

Sep 12 at 14:08
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there are such thoughts only on emotions after bad trades, have you ever had this?

HeavenLeighGill (HeavLeighGill26)
Sep 13 at 14:33
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That’s true, similar to the way that people continue gambling after winning something, up until they lose their winnings. I trade as a way to bring in extra income and while there are other options out there to make money from home, I don’t think any of them could be as flexible or lucrative. On the other hand, quitting could be easy for a beginner that has just blown their account and realized that they didn’t spend enough time learning.

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