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TO GAIN at least 5-10% a month, every month. IS THIS POSSIBLE?

Apr 09 at 06:41
152 ieraksti
lurehuh posted:
It is surely possible to make some amount of profit if you keep working hard and show some determination towards your trades. Try to use some strategies that turn out to be useful and profitable. Keep exploring and experimenting with them.

I agree with you. A good strategy can help you to achieve that result.

Apr 10 at 16:15
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It is possible to earn that much return. Currently, my goal is a 5% return per month.

Apr 10 at 17:07
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Apr 11 at 18:16
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Very much possible. you need to make a good trading plan .

Apr 12 at 08:42
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dWaverFX posted:
I don't think the question is if it possible.
I think the question is are you able to do it?

😎 Perfect answer!! Do not start live trading until you are sure you can do it!

Apr 12 at 08:56
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It is possible to make far more than that, depending on the strategy you use. The strategy I've been honing and sharpening for the last couple of months or so, I'm forecasting to average between 2%-4% per day with it, compounding each day (some days may be losing days, and some days may exceed 10% growth, but average target is 2%-4%).

Apr 12 at 11:20
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And in addition to my previous comment (stating that it's possible to make far more than that), keep in mind that it isn't a good idea to ask for advice or insight on here, or any other forex forum. Most forex traders lose money. So when you're getting answers, you're getting answers from people who lose money in trading, more often than from people who make money in trading.
I saw a few answers saying 'it isn't possible'. Those remarks come from people who have lost money, or make very little trading.
If such a small percentage of traders make money, don't do what the majority do haha. Do what the minority do. And don't listen to advice from a forum where large numbers of traders congregate.
Of course, if you're trading retail methods, risking tiny amounts, not managing risk professionally, and using a shocking R:R like 1:1 or 1:3. yes it makes it harder to make money.
My new system for example, I follow the banks and the clues they leave behind (they control the markets, not 'bulls and bears'). I don't listen to analysts and their reports. I use the economic calendar to forecast when banks will make their next big moves to my entries or targets. I don't 'trade the news'. I don't use any indicators whatsoever. I trade no less than 1:5 Risk-Reward ratio. My risk is between 1% and 2% per trade. I currently focus on one thing only (US30). I trade whenever I see an opportunity (normally multiple times per day), with 5M as my base timeframe. If I'm averaging 1 out of 3 correct, and risking 1% per trade, aaaand going no less than 1:5, my average daily increase on capital is 3% or more.
It is possible.

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