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Is demo trading enough before real account?

morganedwards (morganedwards)
Mar 31 at 10:27
14 ieraksti
keatonrichard posted:
leecopp posted:
Meloisel posted:
During practice on a demo account, you have the opportunity to try all your theoretical knowledge in practice.

Even though the demo account seems so realistic and few brokers would also claim to offer real exchange rate data, the reality is far from true. Particularly during the fast markets, there are chief economic data releases and news events that can’t be supported in the demo account.

Hey tell me how can you practice your money management skills if not in demo account trading? Especially this being a crucial part of your trading and guaranteeing long term success.

Absolutely true there Richard. Regardless of whether you’re a beginner or an experienced trader, it’s important to put into practice the real exchange rate movements and how the virtual money profits can strengthen your real game.

Apr 05 at 05:29
15 ieraksti
You can combine your demo trading with learning different aspects of forex to get a better idea about the market.

Apr 05 at 09:53
47 ieraksti
When starting practice on a demo account, do not forget that you must continue learning.

Apr 06 at 15:21
15 ieraksti
Demo trading will give new traders the experience of live trading and lets traders familiarize themselves with the software platforms.

Apr 06 at 17:54
419 ieraksti
Demo trading is not enough in term of trading psychology. Traders also need real trading.

Apr 08 at 14:05
17 ieraksti
'Trading using a demo account before going live is a good way to learn about live forex because there is no actual risk involved in demo trading.

But keep in mind that it's not enough because there is a lot to learn about forex, like strategies, time frames and other important factors.'

Apr 10 at 11:47
27 ieraksti
Demo trading is important, but no its is not enough. Forex is a huge market, and it keeps on developing, which is why traders keep learning new strategy and skills to earn profit in real account.

May 11 at 05:08
416 ieraksti
Demo isn't only for random trading. Demo is to practice what you've learned. Find out candlestick first. Then practice what you've learned.

May 11 at 08:30
55 ieraksti
In fact, practicing on a demo account can give you a good enough foundation, everything and experience to switch to a real account.

May 11 at 10:41
22 ieraksti
demo account can give you a lot but the main problem is we the traders cant focus on there , because there is no real money

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