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Is forex is best source of income?

Jun 09 at 04:50
38 ieraksti
The actual answer relies on the traders who are directly involved in forex trading for a long year. For a wise trader, it's the best source of earning huge money. But for a beginner, it's quite uncertain.
Jun 13 at 10:01
24 ieraksti
It can be a good source of income only if you learn constantly and improve your techniques by using the tools available to make good regular profit. To those who do not understand the importance of risk management, they will fail horribly.
Jun 14 at 10:09
20 ieraksti
You can make money from the forex market only if you are well-versed with all its concepts. If you're already familiar with the forex market, you'll be able to make more money. Forex trading comes with a high degree of risk, so only those who have a good deal of experience and skill in trading can achieve success in it. So, if you want to make money trading forex, you'll need to keep up with the latest trends but at the same time have a strong foundation of the basics of forex.
Jun 15 at 05:55
23 ieraksti
Forex trading is surely a rewarding career but it may not be the one for everyone. You should have some risk bearing capacity to become a forex trader. Also it takes some time to become profitable. Trading is not an easy job but you can find an edge with knowledge and skills.
Jun 15 at 08:57
9 ieraksti
Forex is totally the best. You can make money any time of day, with small capital and if price goes up you can make money and if price falls you can make money.
Jun 17 at 06:37
38 ieraksti
this is the best place to bring money , just you have to make sure all inevitable parts of trading.
Jun 21 at 11:04
716 ieraksti
which inevitable part of trading that you talk about ?
Jun 21 at 12:34
27 ieraksti
its all about having most powerful analyzing trade knowledge and a reliable support from a credible trading broker.
Jun 21 at 12:39
27 ieraksti
this is my personal opinion. dont take it personally
Jun 21 at 14:48
3 ieraksti
Forex is like any other business or work, the way you have good lawyers and bad ones good engineers and bad ones so also you have good traders and bad ones. It all depends on you.
Only sell gives great money
Jun 21 at 15:07
562 ieraksti
TraderProHungary posted:
richard2 posted:
I believe best side income but not one to sustain a life. Its risky and with it you can depend on livelihood at all times.
I don't agree with this, Good capital and Strict money management and you are good, don't wait till I upload 6 years history with with withdrawals before you get serious and know that most of us trade for a living
Of course, Forex is open to all; but don’t count this money making opportunity as an easy option! Forex is so much difficult, here more than 90% traders are the losers!
Jun 25 at 09:42
716 ieraksti
any work can be a best source for income if you have a perfect goal and focus . that is very clear issue
Jul 01 at 04:04
47 ieraksti
I do think that forex is a great source of income for a lot of people, it has provided a great medium for many of us to earn money online. But how well we do it totally depends on our skills and hard work.
Jul 01 at 12:03
132 ieraksti
with no skill and hard work there is no way to bring success from this place.
Jul 02 at 12:48
1 ieraksti
In my opinion, Forex is not the most ideal source of income, but not the worst either. Forex trading requires a lot of dedication, but the rewards for this can be very large.
Jul 28 at 06:54
32 ieraksti
The finest passive income source is forex. It can be a good source of long-term income if you have a good trade understanding.
Aug 01 at 06:12
20 ieraksti
Yes, of course forex can be the best source of income but you need to have appropriate trading skills and a good trading psychology.
Danny Gilbert (Whitethroat)
Aug 03 at 00:36
17 ieraksti
Forex is very good for investment.
Aug 08 at 15:40
39 ieraksti
hi all. i think everyone should choose for himself what is the best way get income. if we are all here on this forum. so we chose forex as a way of getting income.
Aug 09 at 02:48
258 ieraksti
Forex is a great source of income if you have a positive purpose , otherwise this platform could be a worst part.
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