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New Forex Trader Here

Jul 02 at 15:42
473 ieraksti
CirillaCosta posted:
If you are new in this market, you have to make a plan to make a profit from this market. on the other hand, you need a reliable broker. Without a good and reliable broker and a good plan, you can not make money from this risky market.

Yes. A good broker with a good plan can be the key to success.

Jul 09 at 10:29
689 ieraksti
Aug 06 at 10:18
670 ieraksti
Hello and welcome to the trading world.

HeavenLeighGill (HeavLeighGill26)
Aug 19 at 02:07
116 ieraksti
Hi! I'm pretty new to this forum as well. Wishing you luck!

Aug 31 at 14:13
283 ieraksti
HeavLeighGill26 posted:
Hi! I'm pretty new to this forum as well. Wishing you luck!

thank you and good luck in all your trades!

Sep 01 at 08:20
624 ieraksti
the new Forex trader always try to bring profit without learning , as a result they become loser at the end of the day.

Sep 01 at 10:58
500 ieraksti
More often than not, if a beginner wants to make money and has no experience, the results are not the most positive.

3 stundas atpakaļ
374 ieraksti
Newbies must practice forex trading. It does not matter what is your strategy if you are a newbies. But I really do advice that newbies trade long term strategy first before trying to trade short term. Since short term need more trading skills as the risk is higher if you try short term strategy.

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